3 Aspects That are Usually Omitted Before or During House Painting

Before house painting, whether it’s for their living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, people usually tend to take into consideration the following elements: choosing the suitable color or colors, picking out their tools and materials, determining how much paint they’ll need, as well as prepairing the walls and the room, and picking their painting technique. However, some other aspects tend to be forgotten or underestimated, which will ultimately lead to disappointing results.

That’s why, further in this article, we decided to show you 3 aspects that are usually omitted before or during house painting. The tips come from house painting experts, with a rich experience, who leave nothing to chance, and never forget anything before getting their job done. After reading this piece, jump to the comment section and answer honestly: did you think of these 3 elements before you last painted the walls of your house?

1.   Planning the approach.

Even if it might seem unexpected, most people don’t plan their approach before house painting. In other words, they only choose one color and paint all the walls in the same shade, resulting in a boring outcome. However, you should decide beforehand how you want the finished project to look like, and remember that you aren’t limited to four walls in the same color.

You could take into consideration painting a wall in a different, contrasting hue, and you shouldn’t forget about the ceiling either. Even if you still plan to keep it white, it will need a refresh from time to time.

2. Mixing the paint.

Another crucial house painting tip is to always mix the paint in a large bucket, if you need multiple cans for finishing the job. The reason is simple: most of the time, there is a slight variation between the “same color” cans of paint, and you don’t want this to be visible in the overall result.

By mixing the cans in a bucket before starting to paint, you will get a uniform color, which will look much better on the walls.

3. Ventilation.

Last but not least, you have to make sure the space you work in is well-ventilated throughout the house painting project. You can ensure this by either opening the windows, or using fans. Keeping the room warm, with a fan blowing, will definitely help speeding up the drying process. Furthermore, if it’s a damp day, it will take much longer for the paint to dry, an aspect you should also keep in mind.

This being said, there is one last detail we want to remind you about: if you are not an expert in house painting, maybe you should hire some! HBSOnTime.com (Home & Business Services) is a family-owned business operating in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA since 2013, and they offer top quality staining and painting (residential/commercial, interior/exterior, as well as concrete floor, basement floor, and garage floor painting). If you are not comfortable with this activity or haven’t done it before, we strongly recommend hiring a team of experts, for the best possible results.

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