3 Legit Strategies To Promote Music In Soundcloud

In the present day, SoundCloud is the largest and most well-known online music community to exist. The traditional ways in which we used to share and access online music have been completely changed with the assistance of SoundCloud. And several freelancer artists and musicians have gained proper recognition with the help of this platform. 

While the various features of this application are extremely huge but equally useful, many are there, who aren’t even well-aware of the numerous benefits which it offers. When it comes to legit SoundCloud promotion, here are several ways in which you can choose to gain followers in no time:

  1. Make Sure To Use Tags

Even if a single unknown person likes your music, which is a part of your growth too. The size or rate of the growth does not matter, what matters is whether your music is reaching the right individuals or not. And that is why you need to need to use the proper tags so that it becomes easy to spot you out among everyone. 

The best way to select the tags is by the theme of your music, followed by what all instruments did you use majorly, like only the guitar or just a drum and bass or whatever. Make sure to use the tag of your location as well as the mood which seems to go well with the music track. This is a legit SoundCloud promotion strategy.

  1. Add The Option To “Buy” After Certain Days

Once you manage to increase your fans and followers and gain a bit of proper audience, make sure to add the “Buy” link as you do need to earn and that is what will motivate you to work harder and create better and improved musical tracks in the future. Besides that, if you are having a pro account, you also do get the opportunity to change and modify that buy button into anything of your choice. And maybe you can add such a word that will easily convince your fans to spend some bucks.

  1. The Artwork Of Your Music Album Matters Too

Even though most of us don’t pay much attention to this part, did you ever notice that whenever you share the link of your music album or track on social media platforms, the picture which is attached as the cover becomes the center of attraction for many? So why not utilize this idea to gain more attention from people? Maybe you can design something unique and vibrant which will easily help others to find a link of that with your music. And music and paintings, both are a part of the art. And hence, it will work out well if you can manage to tackle the cover of your track in the right way.


Before posting the song, make sure to wait a week or so once you are done with the complete production part. As every time you hear the song after a certain period, you will feel that maybe it would have worked out to be more amazing if you have modified some or the other part. So wait for that period, and once you feel that it is completely ready at last, post it and enjoy the music growth SoundCloud.

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