4 Things People Often Forget When Moving

Changing home is indeed a very time and energy-consuming activity. You have to think about so many things, packing and leaving the old home, as well as preparing the new place for moving in. Along with your daily duties and obligations.

So it’s no wonder many people happen to forget to pack some things, despite the meticulous planning and great effort they invest in the moving process. Don’t be too harsh, it can happen to anyone. But why slap your forehead and grab your head, if you can get a few heads up on what to keep in mind when packing. A professional moving company recommends a few tips.

Out of Sight, out of Mind

Well, this one is just quite obvious. There are many items in front of your nose, you do not even realize you have so many things until you start packing. So, after such a long process and so many items packed, it just feels that’s it, it does not occur to you that some things are missing. Usually, those are the things in the storage areas, like the garage, basement, attic, and the likes.

You get so busy emptying your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and the rest, that you forget about the storage areas. Also, many things, even valuables that are hidden or put away, may easily be forgotten, simply because you become so consumed and overwhelmed by the immediately visible things. So, make sure to check all the storage areas, drawers, mattresses, and the likes.

Don’t Forget the Documents

Unbeknownst to anyone why, this happens rather often. Surrounded by furniture, clothes, dust, boxes, tapes, and overall chaos, people simply forget about all the important paperwork they possess. If you are taking out the furniture as well, the documents might come along with you, but there is no guarantee they will safely arrive at the destination, because nobody knows they are there.

So, before starting to pack everything else, find all your family’s important documents: personal documents (ID, passports), car documentation, property paperwork, as well as any potential medical documentation. Pack all these in a folder or a binder, and keep with you, in your purse, bag, or in your car, until you move into your new home and find an appropriate place for them.

Don’t Remember These the Hard Way

Maybe you do not have the luxury to forget about your medications, but so it happens that among all the havoc of packing and moving out, you simply forget about them. This can occur even more easily if the most important medications are not even yours in the first place, but belong to the older household members who may not partake in the packing process.

Forgetting medicines can also be related to them being out of sight, that is, in the drawers or cabinets. That is why you should take the time to pack them, maybe best before the big packing begins. Take them all out, sort them, throw out those which are no longer good, or you no longer need them, and place the rest somewhere where they will be easily accessible and well organized.

Charging Your Batteries Is Essential

Both literally and metaphorically, especially after a stressful and demanding endeavor such as moving. Just like when packing for a trip, people often forget about the phone and laptop chargers. This applies to any charger for any device or appliance, especially if they are not in the same place as the electronics they charge. The best solution is to make sure to join the charger to its belonging device when packing and to put them together. Otherwise, you might have an unnecessary extra cost in your already financially demanding process of changing home.

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