4 Tips to Increase Your Medical Spa Client Base  

With the rise of disposable income, elective medical procedures are becoming increasingly popular amongst people. With the rise in the demand also comes the opportunity to cater to the demand and it is hardly surprising that every now and then new medical spas keep mushrooming to grab a slice of the market. However, this heats up the competition and requires you to ace your game. In order to increase the client base, you need to have a firm understanding your business and your target client base. While every business strives to add as many clients as possible, it must not be done at the cost and consequences of losing existing clients. Various studies have indicated that the cost of acquiring new clients is far higher than the cost of retaining existing client.  Therefore, the best strategy to increase the client base is to have a dynamic balance between retaining existing clients and gathering new clients. Here are our top 4 tried and tested tips to increase your medical spa client base. 

 Deploy Digital Marketing

The world has changed the way it consumes information. The days of reading information in print media are long gone. People look for information over the web. Therefore, your business has to have an online presence. Within the ambit of digital marketing there are multiple tools that can help you directly and indirectly connect you to potential leads and even convert them into clients. Content marketing, social media posts, local business listing on Google, email marketing etc all fall within the purview of digital marketing and ways of engaging with both existing and new clients. Each tool has a different purpose and connects to the audience in a different way. For e.g, email marketing – often sent as a newsletter is designed to educate the clients about the new trends in the industry, and their efficacy, while subtly informing them how your medical spa can help them avail these new techniques. On the other hand, social media posts are often about testimonials of success stories of individual cases. Each tool has its own purpose and if utilized correctly helps you in acquiring new clients. Did you know that you can leverage technology also known as medical spa software to run your digital marketing campaign? To know more about how a medical spa software can help you increase your client base read our post “How Marketing Automation Can Scale Your Medspa Business”


Aside from digital marketing, as a manager or owner you must also focus on asking your existing customers to provide referrals.  There is no better advertisement than a happy customer. Multiple studies have shown that 80% of potential clients will trust referrals from people they know over an advertisement. Interestingly, multiple studies have shown that even though 70% of satisfied customers are willing to spread the word, only 30% actually do. Thus, in order to leverage word of mouth referrals, you have to prod your clients. One of the ways to encourage your happy client to spread the word is giving them an incentive. For instance, you can offer them one time discount for every successful referral. With an incentive available these clients are more likely to spread the word. 

Run a Loyalty Program

Recall how we mentioned that retaining an existing client is more cost effective than acquiring a new client? One of the ways to retain existing clients to run a loyalty program which rewards them for every buck that they spend on your business. The program can be designed as a point-based accrual system, with the feature that beyond a certain threshold clients can redeem their points to avail discounts on their fresh purchases of products and services. To make the program more comprehensive you can also include additional points accrual for referrals, and bonus points accrual for birthdays and anniversary purchases. It would make a lot of sense to keep the minimum threshold for redemption low such that you can provide your clients with instant gratification. A loyalty program in other words is a rewarding mechanism and everyone loves to get rewarded. One of the ways to run a robust error free loyalty program is through automation. A medical spa software is a great tool that can help you create and run your loyalty program. In order to learn more about the benefits of using a medical spa software, read our post on How Medical Spa Software Elevates Patient Experience

Provide Community Service 

Select a day in either one or two months wherein you will run a community service campaign. These can be held at malls, local fairs or any community centre. Such events are not to generate revenue but to generate awareness about your business and your team’s talent You can offer one session of treatment to volunteers for general public to see how professionally you and your team deliver services and what benefits do these services provide. Such awareness campaigns go a long way in creating your brand. It shows that your business is not only about raking profits but also believes in giving back to the community.  People love to patronize businesses that give back to the community. At these events you can also hold Q&A sessions to clear doubts that people may have. By answering the queries, you can help people build trust that should they opt for the elective procedure they’re in safe hands. 

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