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4 Ways to Add Style to Your Bathroom


When you think style, you might not immediately think bathroom, but there are various ways you can add style to your bathroom, some of which are cheaper than you might think. When you seek out bathroom supplies to buy, always have in mind your bathroom colour scheme so that everything comes together in a cohesive way.
There’s one majot thing to note about DIY approaches like these that could easily take up quite a sum. You might still need to call in certain experts for, like your flooring for instance. The London Flooring Company can help make this a pleasant experience for you. Apart from that, below are some top tips for adding style to your bathroom. 

Benefit From Nature

One simple way of adding style to any bathroom is to choose bathroom supplies that incorporate natural elements such as wood. You could choose a wooden vanity unit, or a wooden ladder for a towel rack, or even a decorative wooden stool. Another way to benefit from nature’s style is to involve greenery in your bathroom. Plants are not always considered bathroom supplies, but they should be! An elegant plant on your vanity can make the world of difference. Or if you want minimal upkeep, then choose some green stems and leaves. Eucalyptus is a great choice because it lasts practically forever and fills the bathroom with a pleasant scent. If you want a zero-maintenance option, you could also choose fake greenery to give the illusion of nature indoors. 

Who knew that towels offer more than simply a way to get dry? They can also be a crucial aspect of style in your bathroom, depending on where and how you store them. Whether you prefer passive neutrals or active bold colours that demand attention, you can conjure a certain look and feel with every choice. Another functional item in the bathroom that’s often overlooked in terms of style is the humble shower curtain. There are just so many different styles of shower curtains available these days – some even have decorative trims! – so be sure to make a conscious decision on which you should choose for your space. 

Make Storage Beautiful

Storage is essential, but it doesn’t have to be ugly or boring. There are so many options for storage on the market – from shelves and vanities to benches, baskets, and everything in between! There really is no shortage of beautiful varieties of storage, so make the most of it and make storage an integral part of the design of your bathroom. That way, all your bathroom supplies will have plenty of space to hide. Think of snazzy storage options for smaller items too, such as attractive jars for cotton wool, porcelain trays for toothpaste or nail brushes, and stylish toothbrush holders. These bathroom supplies are all practical things, but they can all be made beautiful with the right storage.

Decorate the Walls

Often you don’t think about putting things on the walls in the bathroom, because you’re too busy thinking about the other bathroom supplies you need. But a well hung picture or two can make such a difference to a bathroom, providing an extra focal point for the eye. You could have any number of images in your bathroom to suit the style of the room. A good place to start is to match the colour scheme of the bathroom with the colour scheme of your chosen art.

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