5 Biggest Automotive Wire Manufacturers

Automotive wire manufacturers mostly make automotive cables from copper. Aluminum and other materials can also be used, but not as frequently as copper. These cables are found in all types of vehicles. Automotive wires are closely-packed wiring systems that carry electrical currents, both low and high currents, from the vehicle’s battery to other parts of the vehicle where they are needed. They function just the same way the central nervous system in the human body works.

There are numerous automotive wire manufacturers in the world today. Some produce quality and long-lasting automotive wires, while others are known for producing substandard cables. This article focuses on the five best automotive wire manufacturers in the world. When you get an automotive wire from these manufacturers, you are sure of getting a quality wire that will serve you for a long time. The five best automotive wire manufacturers are listed below:

1. Yazaki Group

The Yazaki Group is one of the oldest automotive wire manufacturers in this list as they have been producing automotive cables since 1939. The Japanese based manufacturing company has been able to endear its products to carmakers in Japan and beyond with their unrivaled durability, quality, and pocket-friendly automotive cables. The Yazaki Group is one of the best automotive cable manufacturers globally because of the longevity they’ve enjoyed and how they’ve evolved with the industry. The company has contributed to all significant technological breakthroughs in the automotive wire manufacturing industry since it was established. Their products are regarded as some of the most effective automotive wires used in supplying electric current within a vehicle.

2. Sumitomo Electric

Sumitomo Electric is another company that has enjoyed longevity in the manufacture of a wide range of cable products. The company focuses its marketing strategy on innovation as they are well known for producing cables with never-before-seen technologies. Many car manufacturers and engineers have come to trust the automotive wires made by Sumitomo Electric owing to the overall quality and innovation they bring to the table.


For an automotive wire manufacturer that only got into the industry in 2008, the emergence of HELTRONICS as one of the leading automotive wire manufacturers in the world has been legendary. The company produces high-end automotive wires that can compete with the ones manufactured by older manufacturers in terms of durability and quality. Click here to visit the website.

In terms of technological innovation, Heltronics products deliver current within vehicles seamlessly and make it easy to assemble and install automotive cables in very tight automotive spaces. HELTRONICS also offers a wide range of other products and services like cable and wire harness manufacturing, Electromechanical Assemblies, Product Design Engineering and Manufacturing, Control Panel and Cabinet Assemblies, and Rework and Refurbishment.

HELTRONICS products and services cut across numerous industries, including automotive, aerospace, industrial, nuclear, medical, and power and energy.

4. Furukawa Electric

This Japanese-based company is another company known for its excellence and reliability when it comes to producing quality automotive cables. Furukawa Electric is innovation-based. This is evident in their dedication to making cables thinner and more productive, making the wires fit easily, even in tighter spaces. As one of the current leading automotive wire manufacturers in the world, the company has asserted that they have many new technologies they intend to release at a later date. Car manufacturing companies widely use Furukawa Electric automotive wires all over the world.

5. Lear

This company is well-known for its outstanding production of seating and E-systems. However, what makes them make this list is their tendency to produce high-quality automotive wires that can transmit electrical currents at great speed. Automotive cables from this company are long-lasting and a good buy for anyone looking to get an excellent automotive wire for their vehicle.

These are the top five automotive wire manufacturers in the world. Although there is a pool of companies to pick from, these were carefully selected from feedback gotten from users and seasoned experts in the automotive industries. You’re sure to have a wonderful experience using any product from these top automotive wire manufacturers.

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