5 Effective Tips for Buying a Diesel Generator

Diesel generators are beneficial for both residential and commercial applications. They generate electricity for homes, industries, businesses, and organizations in off-grid remote areas and during outages.

Typically, a diesel generator runs on fuel, but some modern models can use natural gas or liquid fuels like petroleum. The following tips are helpful to anyone who is looking to buy a Kohler Diesel Generator.

Consider Size

Size is the first thing to consider when buying a diesel generator. To determine the right size, buyers should check the generator’s starting kVA requirements. This is because users should consider the high inrush currents that arise upon starting large electric motors and transformers. Other factors such as harmonics from variable frequency drives could also determine the size.

Fortunately, many models of diesel generators have built-in solutions to help them overcome any extra excitation systems that may be needed in the alternator. Usually, two options are available‚ÄĒpermanent magnets and auxiliary windings. Both options give the generator three times its nominal current, which covers inrush peaks that may come from the electrical motor for up to ten seconds. In some cases, the generators come with more advanced options, such as digital automatic voltage regulators.

Modular Capability

Knowing a generator’s modular capability is important for customers with plans to expand their power plants. The manufacturer should explain the necessary steps to pair the generator with others in a major power plant setup. Does the generator have that capability as standard? How long does it take to pair two units? In some cases, this process can take up to ten minutes.

Not all generators offer this capability, so customers should ask before buying a diesel generator. Those who may need this capability should ensure its availability before they make the investment.

Conformity with Environmental Standards

Customers should ensure that their preferred diesel generators comply with the EPA environmental standards. This is a significant factor because diesel generators generate more emissions than their petrol counterparts. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has made necessary guidelines to be followed regarding this aspect.

Users should ensure they have good locations and enough space for a new diesel generator so it can function properly under suitable temperatures. The machine should be in a well-ventilated space that is easily accessible for repairs, checks, and regular maintenance. Besides, while choosing the location, the user should consider the noise made by the generator as it functions. If it’s indoors, the user may consider a soundproof enclosure.

Control Systems and Power Management

A good diesel generator should have a power control system that offers a variety of features. For example, is it possible to start and program the machine remotely? Does it have display warnings for low fuel and other performance issues? Can it provide a wide range of analysis data?

This can help users utilize the efficiency of the power plant and get a valuable overview of the application process. Fortunately, Kohler diesel generators are equipped with built-in Power Management Systems (PMS). This feature allows them to optimize fuel consumption while taking care of other important aspects during operation.

Fuel Efficiency and Autonomy

Fuel utilization is another important factor to consider when buying a Kohler diesel generator. Most models of diesel generators come with features to aid in efficient fuel consumption while maximizing operation. Today’s diesel generators consume much less fuel than their counterparts made five or ten years ago. Customers should get approximate fuel consumption from two or three manufacturers before buying.

Choosing the right diesel generator can significantly improve efficiency and smooth operation. With these tips, consumers can visit their preferred dealers armed with the right information to make an informed decision.

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