5 Reasons Why The Pros Use Monocore Solvent Trap for All their Cleaning Needs

Firearm enthusiasts, for good reasons, are very particular about the maintenance of their weapons. A functioning firearm is essential for your safety. A clean barrel might end up saving your life and every responsible forearm owner maintains their weapon irrespective of its use. Since a clean firearm could be the deciding factor in a life or death scenario, professionals tend to spend a lot of time and effort in keeping their weapons in perfect condition and firearm cleaning kits have always been popular with them. Cleaning solvent is used to dissolve carbon build up inside a weapon and a solvent trap is used to collect all that used solvent. Firearm aficionados prefer using monocore solvent traps for firearm cleaning and maintenance. Here are 5 reasons why the pros prefer monocore solvent traps for their beloved weapons.

1. Customizable

Unlike modular solvent traps, monocore traps are meant for a particular kind of model and will not fit on every weapon’s barrel.  Monocore traps have a single cop for holding the solvent and are very easy to use. Apart from convenience, monocore traps are weapon-specific and hassle-free. This is the major reason why most professionals prefer monocore solvent traps.

2. Convenience

Monocore traps are very easy to assemble and use, making them ideal for weapon cleaning at home or anywhere. All you need to do is screw the cap on the tube and attach it to the muzzle end of your barrel; it will catch all the solvent as it moves through the barrel and cleans it thoroughly. Monocore solvent traps are easy to use and quite efficient, making them perfect for enthusiasts.

3. Eco-friendly

Using solvent traps is good for the environment as you reuse and recycle the solvent which can be corrosive. This practice also helps you save a lot of money which you would otherwise spend on buying new solvent every time you clean your firearm. The barrel cleaning chemicals could also be harmful in other ways and using a metal solvent trap reduces your chances of spilling the solvent and causing a potential disaster.

4. Safe

Most solvent traps are made from durable and lightweight materials like titanium which makes them ideal for handling corrosive chemicals often found in cleaning solvents. Although all monocore solvent traps are not made from durable materials, reputable companies like Armory Den produce exceptionally high-quality solvent traps which are used by professionals like cops and soldiers. You should always choose solvent traps made from durable metals.

5. Simple

Unlike their modular counterparts, monocore traps are quite inconspicuous looking and do not look out of place in any setting. This allows you to clean your gun inside your house or in your garage without making it cumbersome. They are simple enough to be used by anyone and even novice weapon holders find them quite useful.

Like everything related to firearms, solvent traps should be used carefully and safely. You must research before buying a solvent trap and ensure that you are purchasing it from an authentic source with all the legal issues covered.

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