5 Steps to successfully import a vehicle into Canada

Before you even think of importing a vehicle to any foreign land, it is better to understand their laws and safety standards. Seek guidance from your customs broker to help you with the eligibility criteria in importing to Canada. You may also have to obtain Clearit itn number which is issued to a non-resident of Canada. ITN (Individual Tax Number) doesn’t make you eligible to work in Canada. For that, you need to transform your ITN to SIN (Social Insurance Number).

Most vehicles that are manufactured in the USA and are not 15 years old are eligible for importing. However, there are other terms associated with vehicle importing that you must know. You can look for models that work for both in the USA and Canada.

5 Steps to import a vehicle into Canada:

  1. Check the eligibility of your vehicle:

The first thing to check is whether the vehicle is eligible for transportation. Generally, the registrar of imported vehicles will give you a checklist to understand the admission process of car into Canada.

  1. Request for an AES/ITN:

You would also need to obtain an AES (Automated Export System) number. The number is provided by the border and the US customs. For more details, you can take guidance from your nearest customs office.

  1. Prepare and submit paperwork/proofs:

Prepare the necessary documents and declaration for your vehicle to clear the safety standards of Canada. Bills of sale, original title certificate, letter of gifting, last copy of registration, etc… are a few to remember. If there are any additional documents that seem confusing, your broker will help you fill and submit the same.

  1. Follow the legal process and formalities:

Adhere to the laws and terms of the Canadian government. Clear all the legal formalities that are asked by the customs and at the border for importing vehicle into Canada.

  1. Clear the inspection round:

The border authorities may also conduct an inspection of the vehicle before giving a go ahead on the import. It is to ensure that your vehicle meets the Canadian safety and emission standards. They will also check if your car is healthy enough to travel on Canadian roads.

For any queries and clarification related to ITN number or information on importing, approach a few good firms like Clearit itn number. They carry the best knowledge and expertise on car importing into Canada.

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