5 Ways To Identify High-Quality CBD Vape Oil

With the recent boom of 8 delta online and concentrates, traditional weed flowers are given a run for their money in the cannabis market. There are a plethora of brands, small and large, which makes finding the most effective and safest a daunting task. 

CBD has benefits to take advantage of such as being linked to improvements in easing pain and anxiety. While a few smokers still opt for the traditional CBD oil, many are transitioning to buying compact and small cartridges of THC oil for vape pens. Vapes come with all the smoking sensations with little to no smell. They pack a big punch of flavor, ideal for everyday use. There are a few things to keep in mind before buying a high-quality CBD vape oil such as the following:

1. Growing Method
The most crucial step in the process of producing high-quality CBD products is how the plants are grown.  Cannabis is a bio-accumulator known to absorb heavy metals, chemical waste, and other pollutants that are present in the soil. Companies that grow their own plants are a step up as they can control the purity and ensure hemp is grown in areas without contamination.

2. Extraction Method
The three safest CBD extraction methods include hand-pressed, CO2 extraction, and pharmaceutical or food-grade ethanol. For instance, the best CBD vape oil is made by the CO2 process that involves high pressure and extremely low temperatures isolating the product to maintain purity. It is best to avoid companies that use propane, hexane, butane, and other toxic solvents and miss critical purifying processes like distillation.  

3. Third-party Lab Testing
It is important to check for certification used by manufacturers and the results of third-party testing. As independent testing labs have no affiliation to the manufacturer, third-party testing takes it a step further. The tests determine three important elements:

  • THC levels should be as low as possible
  • CBD levels which should be high
  • Any other impurities that may be present 

 4. Appropriate Dosage
Knowing the CBD and THC percentages by reading the results printed on the label, can greatly influence one’s selection process. Be wary of companies selling labels with low amounts of THC or CBD, as their main goal is low quality with the highest sales. Ideally, manufacturers who are true to providing high-quality standards will not hesitate to test with third-party labs and print the results on the label, as they trust their process. 

5. Go Organic
When it comes to an industry dealing with the quality of plants, it makes more sense to go organic. Plants, especially marijuana are susceptible to damage by pests. The quality of THC oil for vape usage matters a lot and depends on how it is grown. Clearly, a farmer who takes the necessary steps to become a certified organic grower takes the industry seriously.

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