7 Business Tips to Win More Painting Jobs

Painting isn’t really the hard part. Keeping your painting business on track with the potential to expand is what most pro painters find challenging. If you want to easily win more painting jobs, check out these 7 proven business tips and start using them today. 

  1. Get painters public liability insurance

Make sure your painting company has all the proper insurance coverage it will need to do business in your part of Australia. For instance, no matter where you operate, it’s a great idea to invest in a painters public liability insurance plan. This coverage is easy to get and affordable. A quality painters public liability policy will protect you, your employees, and your painting business. This type of insurance will help your company from absorbing financial damages and legal fees associated with negligence, including property damages and personal injuries. To keep your business financially sound while disputing a challenge to your reputation, you’ll want to have public liability coverage. 

  1. 2. First impressions can get you the job

Do you arrive at client meetings on time every time? If you’re running late to meet with a potential customer, do you call ahead and let them know? Do you submit complete and timely bids for business? Do you give a new client your full attention when meeting face-to-face or are you distracted? Do you respond to emails and phone calls quickly? 

It’s often reported that 9 out of 10 clients have already decided if you’ll get the job before you even step through the door. Remember, each person you interact with can refer you to more business. So be sure to make a good impression on all your material suppliers, other trades people, and everyone else you know. Be polite and professional always.

  1. Your business should stand out from the competition

Australia has more than 30,000 professional painters available to paint home interiors, home exteriors, commercial spaces and even do restoration work. To stand out among such a large pool of talented painters, you’ll need to figure out what makes your painting services different. For example, have you been in business for many years? How large is your professional painting crew? How many paint jobs do you finish each year? What is your painting specialty? Are you best at exterior home painting or painting large office buildings? How far are you willing to travel to complete a paint job? 

Once you’ve determined what makes your painting company unique, you can easily market these aspects of your business via social media, marketing brochures, industry meetings.

  1. Set up a profitable pricing point

The name of the game is making money to keep yourself and your business moving forward. Taking time away from your brush work to quote new business costs you money. So, it’s important to always make your bids worthwhile. Identify your ideal strike rate for quotes. You can even track this information through bidding software. Tracking how much you’re charging for painting jobs versus what you need for operational costs will help you figure out the right balance. You also must keep an eye on your competitor’s pricing to know if you are quoting a reasonable amount. You don’t want to charge too little but you don’t want to overcharge and lose future clients as a result.

  1. Document everything

Closing a deal with a handshake and a smile aren’t enough these days. At minimum, you should be putting together written quotes. A formal bid should always include a clear scope of the painting work to be done, the payment terms, and how variations to the job scope could impact the price and deadline.  Don’t leave anything out. Make sure you are writing down all terms and conditions regarding the painting job which will benefit both your business and your client. Make sure your customer formally accepts your proposal by signing off on the document, like a formal contract.  

  1. Word of mouth can help (or hurt) 

Property owners actively seek a trusted professional painter with quality references. Most people make their final hiring decision based on the good experience of others. That’s why online sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp can make quite a difference in how your business is perceived. A recent report said 84% of consumers searching for a service said online resources influenced their final decision. This clearly shows that having excellent customer service, fair pricing, and quality workmanship will not only earn you one job but possibly hundreds of jobs. One online review can go viral and reach thousands of potential clients years after the original postdate.

  1.  Don’t be afraid to follow up

Some professional painters feel awkward following up after submitting a bid. If you’re the same, it’s time to get over the fear of following up. Set a reminder on your cell phone or laptop to touch base with a potential client one week after submitting a new bid. Give them a call to find out if they have any questions or need clarification on the bid’s terms. It’s not pushy or rude to simply ask if they might need any additional information to make a final decision about the painting job. By making the effort to reach out personally, it will make the client recognize that you care about winning their business and you are professional. If your potential customer suggests your prices are too expensive, this gives you a chance to explain your charges. For example, you can tell the property owner that you don’t cut corners on the quality of materials and staffing, so they’ll be getting their money’s worth by working with your painting company. 

To keep your painting company evolving, start by securing a painters public liability insurance policy and then go from there. Each of our seven business tips will help your painting service become a true success. Good luck!


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