7 Designer Cakes For Birthday Boy

Do you know what makes birthdays even more special? Well, the opportunity to eat a cake. Cakes have always been the centre of attraction of any birthday party. Because of the appeal and taste, everyone at the birthday has their eyes on the cake. Therefore, bakers are always seen pushing their boundaries to bake cakes that are visually appealing as well as good to taste. If that’s not the case, no one will dare to come close to it.

The rising demand of the customers for edible beauties coupled with evolution, has given rise to designer cakes. Designer cakes imitate real-life objects like cars, guitars or superhero and cartoon characters with such finesse that one would have to think a hundred times before slicing it.

Here we are sharing with you, designer cake for birthday boy that are ruling the hearts of everyone in 2020.

1) Minion Cake: Birthday celebrations are best when fun and frolic. Make the little munchkins in the house go bonkers with an adorable minion cake. Several varieties of minion cake, like Stuart Minion cake,  Birthday cap Minion cake, Despicable Minion, Bob The Minion, and so many adorable and tasty birthday minion cakes to relish.

2) Boo Boo Bear Cake: Make the cute bears in the house go gaga over the boo boo bear cake. A buttercream bear cake with fondant eyes, nose, ears, and a bow that looks no less than a real bear until cut to reveal that it’s a layered cake.

3) Jungle-Safari Cake: Whether you are throwing a wild birthday themed party or not, a jungle-safari cake with fondant animals is perfect for the birthday celebrations of a boy. Choices include lion kid fondant cake, puppy fondant cake, baby elephant cake, safari cake, etc. Choose any one for your boy and make them experience the delicious wilderness.

4) Emoji Cake: Emojis are trending. Whatever be the mood, there is an emoji to convey it beautifully. Express your emotions to the birthday boy over an emoji cake. From the smiley face emoji to kiss emoji to savourful tongue licking emoji, there are delectable choices that are worth every calorie.

5) Superhero Cake: Boys and superheroes have a special camaraderie. Superman, Batman, Avengers, Ben 10, Spiderman are all favourite superheroes of the boys. So, find the favourite one of your boy and let him celebrate his birthday with a superhero cake. He will surely jump high with joy.

6) Tuxedo Cake: As your young boy grows up into a handsome man, turning 18, a tuxedo theme cake is perfect for his birthday. Baked with utmost perfection and taste–a black coat-shirt cake with tie, the cake will make him feel the gentleman’s vibes.

7) Gym-Themed Cake: The new hot-spot for every boy is the gym. Why not treat them with something they are so fond of; hence a gym-themed cake that they won’t be able to resist. “Birthday calories don’t count,” so they can binge eat.

On the birthday of your boy, treat them with something handsome and tasty, just like them, the designer cakes. You have enough drool-worthy options to choose from.

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