7 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your Sister’s Birthday  

Your Sister’s birthday is just around the corner. And if she hasn’t spent the last few months or weeks dropping hints about what she would like to receive as a birthday gift, then you might be searching the internet frantically. Well, the pressure is the highest it has ever been because it’s about your sister. She really gets on your nerves but is also a sweetheart you love the most.

Before you succumb to the pressure, take a deep breath and read the points below. We have listed thoughtful gift ideas for your sister’s birthday that she will love to have received. From personalised to fashion to hampers, we have covered everything best for her.

1) Personalised Mug and Cushion combo: If your sister is a coffee lover and loves to take a cosy nap once in a day, this gift is a must-have for her. A combo of the personalised cushion cover and coffee mug. On both, get her beautiful picture imprinted with a birthday message or feelings you wish to convey her. Additionally, she can use the mug as a pen stand on her table for storing her essentials.

2) Scented Candles: After a hectic day, all one yearns is some moments of peace and relaxation. Surely, your sister wishes the same. Help her unwind peacefully by extending her a set of aromatic candles. You can go for a Lavender scent which smells ah-mazing and has proven calmness benefits. But, if she likes more heady and sweet fragrances, then rose can be your choice. According to her preference, you can choose the scents.

3) Jewellery: A gift of jewellery to make her eyes sparkle and let her know you care for her choices. From the traditional to the fashion to boho, you can pick any jewellery piece for her from these categories. Personalised and zodiac jewellery are also in trend, so you can consider these choices as well for her. If you can get the jewellery in a beautiful box that can be used for utility purposes that would be the best.

4) Musical Box: Gift her something musical for her birthday! A vintage wooden box with a key at the bottom. When she winds up the key, the music plays! The antique finish of the box also makes it a piece of decor that she can keep beside her bed or table or anywhere.

5) Travel Accessories: All day long, she keeps discussing with you her travel plans.Moreover, she also has a scratch travel map in her room. All this means she is a globetrotter. The perfect way to please a wanderlust soul on her birthday would be to give her a combo of travel accessories–passport cover, travel kit, mini water bottle, etc.

6) Makeup Kit: Whether she is going to the office or for an outing, she always looks her best. A makeup kit with all the essentials of her favourite brand is another way to help her look like the diva, everyday. Along with the makeup kit, you can also give a spa hamper for pampering her.

7) Oversized T-shirt: She is always seen wearing your T-shirts. Why not give her an oversized t-shirt for her birthday? Either get a printed t-shirt or a solid colour t-shirt for her and save your favourite ones from her.

That’s all from us. Hope your sister likes the birthday gift!







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