A Complete Juniper Certification Guide


There’s a great range of advantages to getting certification in IT. As it would allow you to enhance your career like the IT expert. You would brush up your abilities as well as increase your understanding as soon as you get prepared for the examinations. And a person would own great confidence in their skills to recognize actual-world and job-related concerns once they get up. The certification of Juniper is the IT credentials which would increase your opportunities to get progress in the industry.

Juniper came in the market form the year of 1996, and its revenue is around $5.03 billion in the previous year. Juniper cert is considered as a great opportunity for the network engineers who want to enhance their set of skill beyond the ones requiring supporting market leader i.e. Cisco. This is the guideline which provides you knowledgeable info regarding the Juniper-Networks-Certification-Program i.e. JNCP framework. 

Juniper Certification Tracks

It is totally up to a person what kind of exam they are going to take as well as how long they will take to pick Juniper cert. Juniper-Associate Cert is the main entry-level point for the Juniper cert.

Juniper Automation and DevOps Certification Track

This track would validate your knowledge regarding frameworks and automation tools, along with the ideas and practices that are linked to DevOps. The restructuring of daily basis tasks and similar tasks with the help of automation would enhance the value of organization in the context of budget and efficiency both of them. Juniper is providing two certs in the track of DevOps and Automation:

  • Juniper-Networks-Certified Specialist: Automation and DevOps (JNCIS-DevOps)
  • Juniper-Networks-Certified Associate: Automation and DevOps (JNCIA-DevOps)

Juniper Cloud Certification Track

To understand what cloud exactly is, what are its functions, as well as the numerous techs which are supporting it; all of these are the main focus of Juniper-Cloud-Cert track. Juniper is offering four certs in Cloud track:

  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Expert: Cloud (JNCIE-Cloud)
  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Professional: Cloud (JNCIP-Cloud)
  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Specialist: Cloud (JNCIS-Cloud)
  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Associate: Cloud (JNCIA-Cloud)

Juniper Data Center Certification Track

Juniper-Networks equipment is running by the software of Junos. It’s specifically the Operating System i.e. OS for security, switching, routing, as well as different devices that are generated by the organization. Juniper is offering four certs in the track of Data Center:

  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Expert – Data Center (JNCIE-DC)
  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Professional: Data Center (JNCIP-DC)
  • Juniper-Certified-Specialist: Enterprise Routing (JNCIS-ENT)
  • Juniper-Certified-Associate: Junos (JNCIA-Junos)

Juniper Design Certification Track

As soon as numerous engineers of networking are working merely on the operating mode of networking, engineers of designing are involved to create and build networks from scratch. Juniper is offering 4 certs in the track of Design:

  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Design-Specialist: Security (JNCDS-SEC)
  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Design-Specialist: Service Provider (JNCDS-SP)
  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Design-Specialist: Data Center (JNCDS-DC)
  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Design-Associate (JNCDA)

Juniper Enterprise Routing and Switching Certification Track

On the very special level, this certification track put on the most recent models such as the class of service i.e. CoS, spanning tree, and IP multicast. Juniper is offering four certs in the track of the Switching and Enterprise Routing:

  • Juniper-Certified-Specialist: Enterprise-Routing and Switching (JNCIS-ENT)
  • Juniper-Certified-Expert: Enterprise-Routing and Switching (JNCIE-ENT)
  • Juniper-Certified-Professional: Enterprise-Routing and Switching (JNCIP-ENT)
  • Juniper-Certified-Specialist: Enterprise-Routing and Switching (JNCIS-ENT)

Juniper Junos Security Certification Track

Not any single thing would take too lightly the significance of a robust network-security execution. Those applicants who are in Juniper Junos track of Security Cert validate their skills to recognize the host of practices and ideas that are linked to security. Juniper is offering four certs in the track of the Security:

  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Expert: Security (JNCIE-SEC)
  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Professional: Security (JNCIP-SEC)
  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Specialist: Security (JNCIS-SEC)
  • Juniper-Networks-Certified-Associate: Security (JNCIA-SEC)

How Much Do Juniper Exams Cost?

The examination cost is being extremely standardized by the Juniper: the cost of Associate examinations is $200, while the cost of Specialist examinations is $300 and Professional examinations cost $400. Here we come up with the topmost renowned Juniper examinations along with its cost in US dollars. However, the prices can be varying upon location. And what you are going to pay would be depending based on your locality as well as further factors. 

Having IT certifications such as Juniper, it is good for your resume, though potential companies might require evidence on account to validate it. Getting prepared for the Juniper cert examination isn’t a thing which you would achieve in a single night. In the meanwhile, its scope is deep and wide-ranging. A demanding course under the supervision of skilled trainer along with self-studying is a great way to get hands-on it. Keep thinking about it that it is a great investment to your career path.  

Juniper Certification Recertification and Renewal

The validity of these Juniper certs is for the three years and would be decease unless a person would take the action of recertification. The process of recertification would be attained with the help of attendance in class or examination. Certification owners have a choice to complete their examination on a similar level or else attend the examination on the advanced level contained by the similar track on account to renew the cert. 

Ones who chosen to re-certify via attendance in course must be taken a relevant course in the similar track which is recommended by the Juniper in Certificate-Recertification page available on the site. Going to take a high-level examination or to clear an advance course would directly renew the entire low-level certs in similar track for about more than three years.

Juniper Certification Salary and Career Information

As conferring by, approx. income for J-N-C-I-A Network Engineer is around $79,087, whereas High-ranking Network Engineer who owns this cert would earn around $102,893. The mean salary of J-N-C-I-A is approximately $83,000. On the other side, J-N-C-I-S would earn quite higher as compared to Network Engineer i.e. $80,679 and $111,867 for the High-ranking Network Engineer. The approx. pay of J-N-C-I-S is around $97,000. 

As compared to trained Cisco colleague, entry-level Juniper certificate holder engineer would earn an extra 10%. But the main thing is both of the Cisco engineers and Juniper can earn quite good pay on the Associate level. However, experience plays a major role to increase 70% more pay with time. It might seem like comparing banana and mango when associating these 2 IT certs in the context of monetary possibilities. It is a clear point that owing a certification would enhance your skills and understanding as well as it likewise upgrades your resume as well.

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