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Do you need removal insurance?

When moving to other places, removal insurance is optional but it is always recommended to cover your belongings while transiting. The items are packed with great care and placed in carton boxes or containers. Even though it is packed safely, due to external factors occasionally damages may happen for which insurance may help to cover the loss.  We are a licensed reputed insurance service and can assist to select the best plan with fewer premiums. The Australian Furniture Removers Association is open to all disputes or complaints when there is any dispute or unresolved issues.

Need for Removal Insurance

While transporting your items, the removalist plays a vital role to deliver your things safely. Due to many reasons, damages may happen to the items while in the move, transit, or during storage. Our professional team packs your belongings safely in carton boxes or containers according to the nature of the item. While insuring for your belongings, you are protecting against the unforeseen risk that may or may not happen.

Overseas Removal Insurance

Mostly insurance can be quoted for all your belongings to avoid the risk. While transporting overseas, it is advisable to have insured on your belongings.

Storage Insurance

When the items are placed in storage, insurance is advisable. Anyhow, the items are placed in wooden or steel containers according to the size and nature of the items. When the items need to despatch, the removalist helps till you unpack your item.

Types of risks

There is partial or complete coverage for the goods that are in transit or storage. The complete package covers almost all the risks that may happen. Partial coverage includes only for few losses or damages such as fire, flood, collision, theft, or non-delivery of items.  The customer can choose replacement or market value based on the requirement. On a replacement basis, if the goods are damaged, the item will be replaced. Under market value cover, if there is any damage, then the amount will be provided as per the market value of the item up to 7 years old.

Insurance cannot be applied for the following:

  • Items that are more than 7 years old.
  • When the customer packs some item and it is broken, insurance will not be applicable.
  • When the packing is done properly and despite that if the item is damaged.
  • For goods such as vehicles, computers, and accessories only market value cover is applicable.
  • For antique furniture or woodwork items, loss of value is not applicable.

We can arrange insurance for local or country removals, interstate removals, international and storage removals. We are authorized and holding the license for coving insurance services. Our coordinator is qualified to discuss the coverage as per your requirement. Many removalists use the insurance as a revenue source and include hidden charges and uplift the rates often. You can always compare our premiums with other removers. We provide all information that is required with transparency.

Removal insurance can be applied for local or overseas transit. Insurance can be applied for storage also. A reputed removalist will take utmost care of your belongings while packing, transit, storage, and unpacking. The team contains well-trained and experienced staff to handle the equipment for lifting, packing, carrying, and unpacking. Looking for removals insurance in Australia? Contact Nuss Removals for a free quotation.

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