Five Tips for a Successful Recording Session at a Studio

Recording your voice in a studio can be stressful, especially because of the pressure to produce the best results in a limited amount of time. And the quality of recording depends on a lot of factors like vocal health, mindset, environment, and your familiarity with your external voice sound. But, the tips below can help increase your chances for a successful vocal session at a Songmill music recording studio:

Practice Recording Techniques First

Did you know that recording microphones may pick up subtle qualities of your voice you may only hear in a music studio? Also, the sound of your voice from the outside is quite different from what you hear on the inside. Thus, you need to be familiar with the sound of your recorded voice and practice recording techniques before you record at a professional studio. You just have to use a laptop, headphones, an audio interface, a microphone, and basic recording software.

Start Loving Your Voice

This is important especially if you plan on singing as a profession. And if you think there is something missing in your voice, find ways to improve it. It might be about the technique or your tone. Getting used to your sound and loving it will allow you to concentrate on your emotion and delivery instead of judging your sound.

Rest Well Before a Recoding Session

Before you go to a recording studio, ensure you are well-rested. Get a good night’s sleep for a few nights before your session. To maintain good vocal health, don’t talk too much or practice extensively a couple of days before your session. Also, avoid coffee, alcohol, and dairy products because they can cause dehydration, reflux, or excess mucus. Remember to consume lots of water.

Choose the Right Time of Day for Your Recording Session

If you can choose, consider booking the studio at a time of day when you often sing and have the highest energy levels. Often, a recording session early in the morning is difficult because you still have to warm up your voice fully before your session. 

Be Prepared

Before you head to the studio, make sure you know the song very well. Try to sing the song and practice it many times before. If possible, perform it live in front of an audience. This will help you familiarize yourself with the lyrics by heart, so you can deliver the emotion as well as focus on the details and dynamics that will make that song special.  

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