Fun Ideas to Learn New Words

Great vocabulary plays a vital role in the kids’ learning phase. And vocabulary skills are vital to improving a child’s confidence in writing and reading, as well as the fun activities that can help get kids interested in learning a language. When you teach new words to kids, they would usually find it pretty difficult to understand and remember the spelling words in the initial stages of learning. But, with practice and fun activities, they can learn these four letter words ending in u at ease. You can ask the kids how their day was or what they learned in the class. By doing this, you will be initiating meaningful conversations and helping them learn and practice new words.

Learning complex words might initially hinder kids’ confidence levels. Still, with the right way of teaching them four letter words ending in u, which is available at Osmo, they learn effectively. It is always best to initiate conversations with the little ones and take them for a stroll and ask them to talk about any object in the surrounding. Besides, you can ask them to read some of these difficult words aloud and memorize them. Later, you can explain to them the meaning of each word they have learned. Below given are some of the top fun ideas to learn new words for kids.

Best Ideas to Learn New Words

In this article, kids will learn some fun ideas and ways to learn new words. When you teach them words, they tend to learn well but forget after some time. Hence, it is suggested that you teach them a list of new words by combining some fun ways of learning. You can also engage them in A to Z word learning games, simple word building activities and many more. Also, introduce them to four letter words ending in v, which is available at Osmo. These four letter words can be taught to fill in the blanks activity or as a building blocks game. Here are some fun ideas to teach new words to kids in a simple way.

  • Vocabulary A-Z Lesson Plans: You can make your simple vocabulary lists based on content, topic, or part of speech and create activities based on your preferences. You can develop a five day lesson plan with games that motivate the little learners to:
  • Draw an image of an animal, flower, fruit or their favorite comic character
  • Create a picture dictionary
  • Form a meaningful sentence
  • Match a word
  • Pick an antonym or synonym
  • Story Telling: Once you create a list of words, you can review the meaning and definition of each word with the kids, and ask them to write a small paragraph that uses every word in context. Kids can also illustrate their tales and read them aloud to the class.
  • Semantic Maps: In this word game, you can pick a word and show it to the class. Now, kids can read the words and think of words to form a simple sentence. You can create a list of all of the words and the categorized words as well. This activity is fun when a group of the entire class or two or more kids are involved in it. Moreover, kids then make a map with the help of a graphic organizer and let the class know how they made it. Motivate children to give some creative ideas. Also, when kids read the paragraph, they can mark words on the map.
  • Choices: Kids display their level of understanding of words by reading aloud and clear to the entire class. For instance, ask them to read, ‘Say bright if any of these things would make someone appear gleaming.’
  • Winning a gold medal.
  • Walking to the post office.
  • Having an image you drew in the school library.
  • Earning a million dollars.
  • Cleaning your room.

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