Get the recent beauty trend ‘cloud skin’ with Aspect skincare

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You must have heard about ‘glass skin,’ but did you know the recent trending ‘cloud skin’ beauty? Much like the previous trends, this one combines makeup and skincare to create an ethereal glow from within. When using highly rated products like Aspect skin care, it is easy to get this soft-focus look. Keep reading to know how to get this surreal look for your skin.

Step 1 – Prep your skin

The basic and the most crucial step for any successful look is skin prepping. After all, you can only get this angelic glow if you use good skincare products for hydration. You can choose products that have hyaluronic acid with other ingredients which can boost moisture. Of course, this is not a one-time affair. For good skin prep, you need to follow the proper skincare routine daily. Only then can you get maximum benefits. Also, regularly use the right cleanser, toner, and serums for your skin type. This religious routine will make sure that your skin has a natural glow which is the start of looking good.

Step 2 – Go for the base.

After the skincare routine, it is time to go for the base. First, apply a good primer and then go for a good luminous foundation. Once done, set it with a good translucent powder. Try using a brush to apply it to your face. This way, you can get the required hazy effect on your skin for the ‘cloud skin’ trend.

Step 3 – Little natural glow

Here, you will not create the high shine of glass skin trend. Instead, you will be doing a subtle highlight. This means you will not be using a liquid shimmer illuminator but a sheer highlighter. Apply this in your Cupid’s bow, eyes, and cheeks to get a soft glow on your face. Using this, you can quickly get the airbrushed effect which helps you achieve the ‘cloud skin’ effect.

Step 4 – Healthy habits for healthy skin

It is no secret that healthy and glowing skin is a direct reflection of your lifestyle. This means how you look at how you live every day. The major three factors that affect your skin are:


For beautiful skin, you need to say no to sugary desserts and processed foods. Instead, go for leafy greens, lean proteins, raw veggies, and poke bowls.


Believe it or not – just a 30-minute exercise every day can create a significant impact on an individual’s health and skin. With the increase in blood flow, you remove the free radicals which harm your skin. Plus, you will look younger because exercise boosts the production of collagen.


Everyone knows sleep is essential. But with everything that’s going on – finding a decent amount of sleep every day is a real struggle. The truth is, there is no substitute for sleep. You have to do it, especially for your skin.

Step 5 – Take an extra step (optional)

If you want professional care, head to a good salon or spa for skin enriching experience.

Let your beauty shine. As you can see, you can get the ‘cloud skin’ with simple steps. Just make sure to use highly rated products on your skin to get the desired effect. You can also shop for Aspect skin care products online, with the experts in the skin at The Skin Care Clinic.

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