Guide to Pick Gold Jewellery Designs for Wedding

When it comes to a wedding, a lot of things have to be taken care of, especially the grooming and dressing up part of the bride. It is a dream for every bride to look like heaven in their wedding attire. We are here to guide you to pick some of the amazing gold jewellery designs for the wedding.  

Plan your budget

You should first plan your budget before you jump into jewellery shopping. We all know jewellery shopping will cost a lot. So, first layout a detailed plan of your budget and start shortlisting jewellery that you think would go well with your wedding attire.

Choose the design or theme

As there are numerous gold jewellery designs available in the market, you first have to choose the design that you think would look great on you. Some of the popular designs of jewellery include temple jewellery, antique jewellery, ruby jewellery, pearl and gold jewellery, Guttapusalu jewellery, stone jewellery, and so on. Make sure you choose the jewellery design that suits your wedding attire. If you are going to wear a traditional saree, you can go for either temple jewellery or Guttapusalu jewellery. Pearl jewellery and stone jewellery would do well for attire that is classy or green. 

Matching outfit

You need to match your outfit with your gold jewellery. You can also try to mix and match traditional sari with modern gold jewellery. If you are going to wear a red or maroon colored silk saree or wedding saree, you can go for Ruby jewellery. Layered gold jewellery would go well with salwar and kurtas you wear in the middle of the wedding ceremony.

Pair the necklace with right earrings

Next is pairing the neck sets with the right pair of gold earrings. There are unlimited numbers of earrings designs in goldMostly, you can prefer to buy earrings along with the neckpiece as a set. Most of the jewellery shops offer both earrings and neckpieces as a set. Either you can purchase it this way or buy your desired pair of earrings separately. When you prefer to buy it separately, you will come across many traditional and modern earring designs. You can choose the one that is suitable for both your attire and neck sets. 

Additional jewellery pieces

Weddings are incomplete without jewellery pieces. You can purchase detachable heavy jewellery pieces to make your look grandeur. You can also use your mom’s jewellery to add an emotional touch to your look. Make sure you don’t wear jewellery of multiple colors, as that would not be appealing or classy. Go for a single color and pair the jewellery with the right pair of earrings. Your jewellery set should also match your hairstyle. 

The organizing and choosing of the right jewellery form the crucial part in contributing to the bride’s look. There is no deficit for new fashionable jewellery in the market. Now and then a new design comes up. So, choose your wedding jewellery wisely with care as it is one of the most important days. 

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