Guideline for Picking an Appropriate Luxurious Beach Towel

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Do you think beach towels are made to be used on the beach? In fact, these can be used after taking a bath when laundry is not finished. The bright color large size cotton velour highly absorbent towel and sand repellent towel is similar to a blanket, makeshift pillow and tanning bed. This fashion statement acts as a barrier between the skin and the sandy surface of beach. You cannot select the normal towel to use at the beach or pool side. The extraordinary towels have special fabric that can dry quickly. Avail Ounass Voucher Code for selecting beach towel in various patterns and color schemes within your range. 

Tips for Picking the Right Beach Towel

  • Loops

Loops are used to show the thickness of a towel. While selecting a bath towel, choose the one that offers maximum loops for heavy and thick surface. Comparatively, beach towels have less loops therefore do not demand to rinse properly to get rid of chlorine, sand and salt. It is surprising that these chevron pattern based towels are quick drying. 

  • Weight

The thinner surface and luxurious material make these towels light in weight. Do not consider that these beach towels are low down in quality. Few loops in each square inch can absorb enough water that can dry within a few minutes as no one wants to get relaxed on soggy towel.

  • Two sides

Unlike bath towel, the beach towel has two different sides. One side contains loopy sphere whereas the other side has trimmed loops. The side that does not contain loops is smooth, less bulky and lightweight. It dries fast. This side is ideal for printing images and designing different patterns. Make use of Ounass Voucher Code for choosing the colorful and large in size beach towels on markdown price.

In case, the beach towel has just loopy sides, these will absorb water and get soggy. On the other hand, if both sides have smooth velvet surface these cannot absorb the required amount of water. Different sides make the beach towel perfect to wrap around and spread on the ground without getting disturbed by the damp surface. 

The color, texture and design of beach towel balance the environment where you want to use it. As the beachside has bright sunny days, it is good to expose your personality through rich and bold colors. 

Stripes Style

For both genders, stripes are the stylish summer option to enjoy the Mediterranean wonderland, bohemian lifestyle or the artistic Aegean island.

Tropical Style

If you want to get luxurious beach feelings, nothing is as perfect as relaxing on tropical style beach towel. The colorful images make your day full of enjoyment. Exotic prints are also available to move you distant places having vibrant flowers, palm trees, clear sparkling water and fiery sunset. Moreover, you can elevate your style by matching the beach towel with bathing suit or other bold accessories. Refer Ounass Voucher Code in order to select matching bathrobe, warner towel and beach towel on economical rate.

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