How Well Do Girls Who Practice Webcam Jobs Get Along?

Young women who want to take on webcam jobs are curious about the atmosphere inside the cam studio, more precisely how well do the models get along with each other. Usually, it can be quite difficult to find out inside information, but luckily we found a forum where the girls discuss this precise topic. “I’ve noticed that webcam girls can be a little mean, I’m talking about my colleagues. I’m not in a competition with anyone else, but a few of them throw disapproving gazes. I don’t know if it has anything to do with money or something else. Has it ever happened to you? I’m curious”, one girl asked.

In only a couple of days, seven young women who also activate in the webcam jobs industry answered the topic, as follows:

Girl #1: “I get along very well with my colleagues, there are some inherent conflicts, but it’s like in any other activity. Try to be nice and everything will be ok!”

Girl #2: “In webcam jobs, everybody is different, with different personalities, and this is the way it should be! It’s normal; you can’t get along with everybody else. Sometimes, it depends on age and maturity. After all, you shouldn’t interact with everybody, you get to choose who you like and who you don’t like”

Girl #3: “We are girls! It depends on how well the group is welded together, and how much experience you have in webcam jobs. You should try to talk to the girls more, maybe even go out together. If nothing works, then at least you tried, and you don’t have yourself to blame!”

Girl #4: “Generally, I get along well with my colleagues. I’ve learned that, if we talk to each other during a break, we get closer. You know how it is: take a cigarette break, eat something together. It’s normal that, at first, you don’t get along perfectly. It takes time, but it will get better!”

Girl #5: “Since I work in webcam jobs, I’ve always liked talking to my female colleagues more than my male colleagues. The only problem can be envy, but it doesn’t happen very often”

Girl #6: “Try to stay away from conflicts and focus on webcam jobs! After all, this is the reason you are there! I know it can sometimes be hard not to have somebody close to talk to, but things can only get better. You have to be strong, as always!”

Girl #7: “It’s best not to let bad words influence you or have an impact on you. Whenever somebody is mean to you, it doesn’t say anything about you, it says everything about them! So just focus on your job and better days will come!”.

After all the replies, the OP answered as well: “Thank you, girls, for all your messages! I’ve tried everything you suggested and already started to get along better with some of my colleagues”. Therefore, for every action, there is a reaction, and every situation can be solved through communication.

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