Key Benefits Of Using Video Management Software

Video surveillance systems are not just about the cameras on the screens, but much more. One of the vital aspects of surveillance systems is the activities that take place behind the scenes. Video surveillance systems consist of multiple cameras recording everything that is taking place within the specific range of the installed recorder. Furthermore, there is a need for a network to transmit data to a VMS (Video Management Software/System). Wisenet wave VMS appliances play a vital role as it allows users to collect, store, and get access to live record streaming.

What is a VMS?

A video management system/software (VMS) is an integral element of a business’s security and surveillance infrastructure. It is due to the VMS, a business is able to record, acquire, store, view, retrieve, and analyze video recordings from the surveillance cameras installed in multiple locations. It is a valuable technology that is utilized by a wide array of industries. This is particularly because surveillance cameras are used by the majority of businesses today.

A VMS can help organizations handle their surveillance cameras efficiently and monitor any suspicious activity that takes place. Additionally, one can also review and analyze the recorded video to uncover any important and relevant insights. For instance, it is helpful for retail stores to collect customer behavior, dwell time, checkout lines, and others.

The working mechanism of VMS

A VMS is a software application within a security camera. It is mainly used to strengthen its different components, like recording systems, encoders, cameras, analytics software, storage infrastructure, and so on. The software combines the functionality of multiple video surveillance tools and appliances into a unified solution.

When a user demands access to surveillance recording, it is Wisenet wave VMS appliances that offer an interface for viewing live as well as recorded surveillance footage. Additionally, retrieving the footage records is also possible, thanks to video surveillance software. Moreover, VMS solutions can also tag the videos with metadata, enabling faster and smarter retrieval via intelligent search applications.

Additional safety and security

Motion detection

Video management software/systems are equipped with advanced features and configurations to render additional security, and even support video analysis functionality. Their motion detection function is unique, as the video camera records only when motion is detected. Thus, the amount of video that needs to be recorded is reduced. This saves camera resources, and storage space as well.

License plate detection

License plate detection is yet another highlighting feature of VMS applications. This is helpful for organizations that monitor parking lots, garages, highways, roads, and other transportation avenues. The law enforcement team can also utilize VMS to detect the location of vehicles over time and determine the locations of specific individuals.


In recent times, Wisenet wave VMS appliances have emerged as one of the most cost-effective, and intelligent ways to view, capture, use, and retain surveillance video recordings. The software includes a complete video management system with features like live and recorded viewing, camera configurations, video wall, and third-party analytics integration like motion detection, facial recognition, license plate detection, and so on.

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