Last Minute Ways to Cram for the Real Estate Exam

Taking the real estate exam can be nerve-wracking. You aren’t doing this on a whim. You want this license in order to earn a living. It’s why you’ve invested time studying up until now, and it’s why you’re worried about the big day. You might want some intense cramming to help your confidence and make sure you really do know everything that matters on the test. These cramming tips can help you with the final steps of preparation and set you up for success.

Talk to a Friend

If you can get some one-on-one time with someone who has passed the exam (especially recently), it can go a long way. They can help you gauge which material deserves the most of your attention. They can help you strategize, and they can give you a general idea of what to expect. Aside from focusing your cramming efforts, this can also help you with test anxiety, and that is no small added bonus.

Take Care of Yourself

Sometimes, studying is more about self-care than reading quiz books or using flash cards. Eat well the entire week before your test (even if it’s hard to fight stress eating). Work on your sleep schedule days in advance. A good night of sleep can do more to help your testing than just about anything else you can try to do. An all-nighter going into the test is definitely the wrong approach.

Do Timed Sessions

Cramming isn’t about grinding a bunch of last-minute hours of study. It’s about a focused supplemental study to shore up gaps that have you worried. Time your cram sessions to make sure they don’t go too long. Interrupt them with deliberate breaks. Adding physical activity to those breaks (even something as simple as walking to a mailbox) makes them even better. Just get the blood flowing and your mind off of studying for 5 to 30 minutes. When you come back, you’ll see what did and didn’t stick, and you can reinforce your knowledge. It’s a tried and true technique.

Follow a Designed Crash Course

real estate exam crash course is a structured way to cram for your test. It’ll make sure you cover the pertinent information. It’ll also be updated with the newest and latest information to help you pass the tricky sections that change year to year. The value of studying up-to-date resources cannot be overstated. With your crash course, you can apply your other tips and get the best possible cramming experience. When you go into your exam well-rested, with your anxiety defeated and bolstered with a quality crash course, you’ll be ready to ace the exam and start your new career.

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