Looking for a standing desk? Check for these aspects!

There are numerous studies that show the side-effects, or impact, of sitting on the same chair for hours. Unfortunately, most of us do have sedentary jobs, and we do need to work at a desk for at least 8 hours a day. While you cannot change you job, you can definitely do better in the way you work. A standing desk, as the name suggests, allows you to adjust the height, so that you can sit and stand as needed, easing the task of changing positions while doing the same tasks. Websites like Prime Cables have a wide range of standing desks in stock, and there are varied types to choose from. In this guide, we are guiding you further on finding the right standing desk. 

“Do I really need a standing desk?”

That’s often the first question that professionals ask. Changing postures while working is necessary for your back, spine, and overall body, and a standing desk allows you to do that. You don’t have to either sit or stand all the time, and that’s a good advantage. A standing desk is basically more like an adjustable workstation, and no matter whether you are working at home or office, you need one for sure. 

The options

Also called sit-to-stand desk, standup desk, and conversion desk, a standing desk needs to be height adjustable, and you will also find ones that can be simply mounted on your existing desk. We would recommend that you go for one that allows you to seamlessly switch positions, so that you don’t have to worry about wasting time at work. As far as options in adjustable standing desks are concerned, you have three choices – electric, hydraulic, and manual. 

  1. The manual standing desks are cheapest of the lot, but you have to adjust the position or height manually, which obviously can take time, and at times, can be frustrating too. 
  2. The hydraulic ones are great in terms of usage, but do check the features. Many desks wouldn’t come with the tabletop, so that may cost more. 
  3. The most expensive option is an electric standing desk, which allows you to switch positions at the touch or push of a button. There are also advanced ones that have a touch panel. 

A desk is always an investment, and it makes sense to go for a standing desk that is efficient, feature-oriented, and will last at least a few years, without any glitches. 

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