Moving With Pets

Moving house is quite a stressful and demanding affair in itself, because there are so many things you need to think of and see to. Having a pet only adds to the lists of responsibilities and duties, as taking care of another living being is a very serious matter.

Unfortunately, many people simply leave their pets when they are moving, which is, to say the least, really not the solution. So here are a few things to pay attention to when moving with a pet.

Choose Well

You should keep your pets in mind not only during the moving process, but when choosing a new home as well. Take into consideration the conditions in which your pet has been living so far, and try to at least match them, if not improve them in terms of space and safety, as well as some amenities if possible and applicable.

That means ideally a yard or a protected balcony, proximity of some parks, and similar areas. Too many stairs could be not so great for your dog, but again, these are some details that vary depending on the type of your pet. And of course, most importantly, make sure that the pets are allowed in your new home and the general area.

Prepare All the Papers

Just as humans, pets need to be legal with full documentation, for various reasons. First of all, for medical reasons, as you will probably have to change the vet, so it is important to have the whole medical history, proof of vaccinations, and all relevant documents about your pet’s health with you. Do not forget to change the address on your pet’s chip once you actually move.

Make Sure the New Home Is Safe

Before taking your pet to the new place, make sure it is safe for your furry/feathery or any other pet. This means ensuring all the potentially dangerous areas through which they could fall, escape, get stuck, and the likes. You can also identify the potential problems you may have in terms of pests.

Depending on the climate in your new area, the pests that usually bother the pets can be a much more significant threat in the new environment. Also, make sure your pet is “safe” for the new neighborhood by making sure it is clean from all the fleas, ticks as well as internal parasites.

Organizing Transport

Many moving companies do not offer any options for pets, so it is quite likely you will be on your own in this respect. If you are planning to drive, plan ahead and make sure you provide the adequate traveling conditions for your buddy. You could look for a reputable moving company that does have special pet concessions, but even if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can still manage your pet’s safety and comfort on your own.

This means they should be either in a carrier/cage or wearing a safety belt for pets if applicable. Make sure you prepare sufficient food and water, as well as to make frequent breaks. If it is a really long ride, book some pet-friendly accommodation along the way. If you are planning to fly to your new home, do make all the necessary arrangements for your pets, and if possible, try to bring them on board, to reduce the stress of moving as much as possible. In any case, before finally deciding on the moving company to transport your pet, you must view your options to arrive at the final choice.

On D-Day

On the actual day of the relocation, it would be great if you could take your pet somewhere else, somewhere quiet, at your parents’ or friends’ home, to avoid them getting all stressed over so many people and so much movement in the house.

Also, it could be dangerous for them if something falls, slips, or if they get stuck in someplace that only became available by removing some of the things. We are sure you would rather be somewhere else instead of all that mess, but since you can’t choose, at least relieve your pet from all that hustle and chaos.

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