Old Winchester Rifles to Add to Your Gun Collection

Old Winchester Rifles to Add to Your Gun Collection

You’re a gun enthusiast; old Winchester rifles have caught your fancy. These timeless pieces boast a rich history, fine craftsmanship and can elevate any collection to new heights!

Highly Desirable Winchester Rifle Models

Certain models stand out as highly sought after by collectors and firearms enthusiasts. These rifles possess a combination of historical significance, rarity, and exceptional craftsmanship, making them incredibly desirable additions to any collection.

Let’s explore some of these highly coveted Winchester rifle models:

Briggs Patent Henry Rifle: The Briggs Winchester Rifle holds a special place in Winchester’s history, serving as an evolutionary link between earlier firearms and the iconic 1866 rifle. With improvements made to loading and magazine issues, the Briggs prototype set the stage for future advancements. Regular Briggs rifles command high prices at auctions, and the original prototype recently sold for an impressive $172,500.

Captain Henry Ware Lawton’s 1886 Winchester Rifle: One particular model of the 1886 Winchester rifle gained attention as the most expensive gun ever sold at auction, fetching a staggering $1.256 million. This rifle was awarded to Captain Henry Ware Lawton, renowned for capturing the famous Apache leader Geronimo, in 1886. Despite its controversial associations with the treatment of indigenous communities, this rifle holds significant historical value.

Model 1876 Winchester Rifle: The Model 1876 Winchester rifles have their own devoted following, but the “one of one thousand” models stand out as the most collectible. With only 54 special rifles released with deluxe features, their rarity contributes to their high value. These rifles can command prices ranging from $500,000 to $1 million, exemplifying their desirability among collectors.

Model 1873 Winchester Rifle: The “one of one thousand” models are even rarer than the “one of one hundred” Model 1873 rifles. With only eight ever produced, and six known to exist today, these rifles are exceptionally scarce. The limited supply and historical significance contribute to their high prices, with one of these rare rifles selling for an impressive $805,000 at auction.

Winchester Model 1866: As the first rifle to bear the Winchester name, the Model 1866 lever-action rifle holds immense historical and collectible value. Its distinctive brass receiver and intricate engravings add to its allure. High-quality authentic models of this rifle can fetch prices ranging from $10,000 to $500,000, depending on factors such as production year, provenance, and condition.

These highly desirable Winchester rifle models exemplify the passion and fascination surrounding these iconic firearms. Their scarcity, historical significance, and exceptional craftsmanship make them prized possessions for collectors who appreciate the legacy of Winchester and the enduring appeal of these remarkable rifles.

Antique Winchester Rifles for Sale

When weighing your options, consider the Model 1894. Frequently dubbed an “old Winchester,” it stands out among its peers as a truly renowned firearm. This lever-action repeater came straight from the innovative minds of the mid to late-19th century and played a significant role in our country’s history.

President Roosevelt even chose this reliable hunting companion during excursions in America’s West and African safaris. Another noteworthy piece is Winchester’s single-shot rifle dating back to 1885, demonstrating undying reliability over centuries of use. Or you might appreciate their bolt-action variant introduced in 1925 that showcases effective simplicity.

Finally, don’t forget about various shotgun models, such as the popular Model 1912 pump-action, a testament to quality craftsmanship with over two million units sold before production ceased in 1963. Remember, though, these remarkable firearms come at premium prices due to their longevity and their critical role in time-honored American history.

Type of Calibers to Choose From

When selecting from the range of old Winchester rifles, understanding calibers is crucial. The caliber refers to a gun barrel’s internal diameter or bore and determines the size and type of ammunition used. Two sought-after models are the Model 1873 chambered in.44-40 WCF (Winchester Center Fire), which became synonymous with cowboy guns, plus the Model 1894, typically seen in.30-30 Win configuration and notable for its deer hunting proficiency across North America.

In addition, consider larger bore offerings, such as the Model’s capacity for .375 Win cartridges, boasting more stopping power appropriate for bigger game hunts.

Accessories for Your Rifle Purchase

As you add more vintage Winchester rifles to your collection, consider investing in accessories. These can enhance the look of your exhibit while maintaining gun safety. Gun cases designed for antique firearms offer style and protection from dust or damage.

Display stands to showcase each piece prominently without risking scratches on their finishes. Cleaning kits are also essential, considering how time may have affected these classic guns’ functionality. Utilize bore brushes and solutions tailored for older models so they stay pristine despite age wear.

Lastly, if applicable to any features of specific rifle editions in your collection, such as optical attachments, invest in scope covers or lens cleaning supplies which safeguard delicate components against environmental grit exposure. Remember that proper care extends to the firearm and its accompanying gear. Paying attention here will preserve the aesthetic appeal and functional longevity within this hobby’s pursuits!

Researching Value Before Buying

When seeking to enhance your firearm collection, knowing the worth of an old Winchester rifle is crucial. Take time to research its market value before committing to a purchase. Price variances hinge on factors such as rarity, model type, or historical significance associated with that specific gun.

Websites like provide insight into current asking prices for various models. Consult specialty books dedicated specifically to antique guns, which also provide detailed pricing frameworks. You can also engage reputable firearms appraisers who have in-depth knowledge about different aspects affecting valuation.

They’re often certified by professional bodies and adhere to established grading criteria while assessing the condition and originality of these vintage pieces. Remember, not all rifles hold equal value. Due diligence ensures you make informed decisions, preserving your wealth and unique collector’s passion.

Wrapping up, old Winchester rifles are irreplaceable pieces for any gun collection. Their unique history and expert craftsmanship ensure their value only increases over time. Add one to your arsenal today at Ron’s Guns, the trusted destination for authentic firearms that promises satisfaction with every purchase.

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