Over-And-Above Autos:  6 Reasons Why the Most Creative Event Planners Choose the Vault

When it comes to planning events like weddings, engagement parties, or birthday parties, the venue can make all the difference. Because the best sites are in high demand, it’s best to choose one before arranging other event details. And while you may think of The Vault strictly as a facility for auto storage, it’s also an ideal place to host your next event.


Corporate Events

When it comes to hosting corporate events, venue selection is no less critical. Sure, you want to impress your attendees, but you also want the space to be practical enough to facilitate a productive meeting.


Criteria for Venue Selection:

To find the best possible venue, it’s essential to do your homework. Here are some important criteria to consider:


1). Location

To enjoy the meeting space you’ve chosen, your guests need to be able to get there. You don’t want them getting lost on their way and arriving upset. Situated within a 15 minute drive of the 15 and 805 freeways in San Diego, the Vault is conveniently located. Your best choice is to use a mobile app to help your guests find their way.

2) Parking

For a guest, the next most frustrating thing to getting lost, is not being able to find parking when they arrive. This should never be an obstacle for your attendees. The Vault offers two large lots to accommodate plenty of guests.

3) Uniqueness

The most memorable events and meetings are the creative ones. With its reclaimed wood stage, brick walls, and 22′ ceilings, the Vault will create an experience your guests will remember long after.

4) Capacity

While the size of a venue is critical, so is its flexibility. To make your event feel lively, says the size of the room is crucial. Too small a room and your guests feel cramped. Too large, and your event feels lonely. The Vault can be customized to accommodate parties ranging from 12 to 200 guests.

5) Amenities

What does your ideal venue offer over and above the building itself? For planning purposes, you’ll want to know if the facility has its own kitchen and whether or not it offers planning services. The Vault has a full kitchen in its bar area featuring two sub zero refrigerators, an oven and cooktop, and a steamer. Hosts are also welcome to the wood-burning pizza oven and large grill on The Vault’s patio area.

6) Layout

In order to facilitate corporate events, a venue’s layout must be conducive. Therefore, the space must be able to accommodate both large lectures and smaller meetings. In addition to more expansive spaces, the Vault also offers a conference room with seating for 12, full AV amenities, and Wi-Fi. And during breaks, meeting attendees can relax in The Vault’s lush Zen Garden area.


Ultimately, it’s best to let the needs of your event guide your choice of venue. Given its outstanding location, unique character, and fantastic amenities, The Vault may be the ideal space for your next event. To learn more, talk to one of our coordinators today!

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