Runway Safety: The Indispensable Job Of An Airport Sweeper 

We have all made use of flight travel. Have you ever wondered how airports get debris off their runways? Well we have! Airport runway sweepers! These sweepers can be tailored to each customer’s individual needs. Here is where an airport sweeper like the FOD (foreign object debris)-BOSS comes in. It is a multi-use cleaner used in different fields like:

  • Military operations
  • Sports fields
  • Aviation tracks

Airport runways have to be thoroughly cleaned because even something as small as a bolt or a washer can cause catastrophic damage to delicate airplane parts. This is why sweepers have to be as efficient as possible in removing debris from runways. Of course not all sweepers are created equally, different sweepers have different technologies installed in them.

How do you choose the right airport sweeper?

  • First and foremost, always consider the speed and efficiency. The FOD-BOSS is specifically designed to clear debris off runways faster than many other sweepers. This sweeper also works in any condition be it wet, humid or dry.
  • Consider the ease of use and portability. Of course no one wants to lug about something that is big and cumbersome. With FOD-BOSS you have many options.  It is designed for single person use, and can be fastened to any motorized vehicle. It is not noisy and easily folds into a carrier bag.
  • Consider maintenance. Will your sweeper need monthly service? With FOD-BOSS that isn’t necessary! However, you will need to replace some parts (as is expected) for continued and exceptional service.
  • Consider debris collection. Does your sweeper make more of a mess and do less cleaning? With the sweeper mentioned, each is accompanied by a debris collecting bin. How great is that?

With FOD-BOSS sweepers you are guaranteed resolute cleaning even in the most formidable circumstances. An airport sweeper is an important tool. So as not to compromise safety, picking the right sweeper is vital. It has to check certain boxes as well as be inexpensive.

What options do I have when choosing a FOD-BOSS sweeper?

The sweepers come in three sizes:

  • Single sweeper: 2.4 meters/ 8 feet wide. This fast deployment sweeper can also be operated at 40kph and only requires one person to operate.
  • Duplex sweeper: 4.8 meters/16 feet wide. Can achieve speeds of 60kph.
  • Triplex sweeper: This is the largest of all the sweepers. It measures 7.3 meters and attains speeds of up to 55kph.

This particular sweeper is the only one of its kind with it being specifically designed for collection of runway debris. The technology is simple but efficient. New innovative designs such as:

  • A barrier system to stop debris from rolling sideways.
  • An adjustable hook
  • Roller bag for easier transportation and ground force hitch to maximize efficiency

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