Skin Tightening Treatment for Being Young Forever


Saggy skin can result from a combination of factors, including basic aging, factors like heavy sun exposure, lifestyle choices, and genetic tendencies. Getting aged involves the natural decline of collagen and elastin production, leading to skin inflexibility. Other factors like UV radiation from the sun boost this process by breaking down collagen and elastin fibers. Sudden weight loss can also lead to saggy skin as the skin is unable to get back to its original shape. Modern treatments like Skin Tightening can make results.

Reasons behind Saggy skin

  • Mature skin: Aging makes changes in the skin. While gelling old, a decrease in collagen and elastin production is common in the human body. Collagen is a kind of protein in our body that provides support to the skin. Elastin allows it to stretch and retreat.
  • Damage by sunlight: This damage made by UV rays, rushes the failure of skin proteins. This can lead to early aging which includes sagginess, face lines, and uneven tone. Sunlight also initiates the production of harmful radicals, and also damaging the structural proteins, and causing saggy skin.
  • Weight Loss: Losing weight can result in excess skin without elasticity, especially it happens when a sudden weight loss occurs within a short period in a human body. The skin may not have enough time to adapt to a new shape, and this leads to sagging in the body and face.
  • Heritable Bias: Genetics play an important role in a human’s skin type, thickness, and also elasticity. Some people may receive genes from their elders that influence them to early aging and sagged skin. 

Role of Collagen and Elastin

The human body has two essential skin proteins, which provide structure, resistance, and resilience in skin. Collagen is a protein that forms a network of fibres and supports the structure of skin. And elastin allows the skin to spring and retreat. The levels of these two proteins may decline with age and due to other factors.

Medical Treatments 

Clinical treatments offer actual solutions for skin improvement by finding the causes and inspiring collagen production. These treatments by trained specialists or experts can produce visible results within a short period.

Treatments like laser therapy, operate focused rays of light energy to target exact skin worries like sagging skin. Fractional laser resurfacing arouses collagen production and promotes Skin Tightening, also improving the complete texture and tone. Multiple medical care and treatments can enhance the results. 

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