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The Benefits Offered by a Wood Burning Fireplace

There are considerable benefits to wood fireplaces in Melbourne – too many to count, but this article outlines four top benefits you can enjoy with a wood burning fireplace. Read on to find out more. 

Indulge Your Fascination with Fire

Humans have a long-held fascination with fire. Flames are almost mesmerising, and they do a lot to create a pleasant ambience in a room. There’s nothing like the snap and crackle of a fire and the warmth from real flames. You can even toast marshmallows from a wood burning fireplace, which you can’t do with gas options. Wood heaters for sale are really the best candidates for creating a beautiful space in your living quarters, and you’ll be able to stay toasty warm all winter long when you choose from wood fireplaces in Melbourne. You don’t have to sacrifice style either, with many a modern wood fireplace on offer. 

Do Something Good for the Environment

Opting for wood heaters for sale is a great way of doing something good for the environment, as logs are a low-carbon source of fuel. In addition, the economy and environment can doubly benefit when wood fuel from managed woodlands creates the need for skilled work and positions in woodland management. The demand for logs for wood fireplaces in Melbourne can give land owners a reason to responsibly manage their wood. And finally, managed woodlands are a rich resource for wildlife looking for somewhere to make their homes. All in all, when you buy a wood burning fireplace, you’re benefiting the local environment and burning low-carbon fuel.   

Remain Warm When the Power’s Out

There are all kinds of permutations of situations that can lead to a power outage in your area. It’s even more likely if you live in a rural region, with underhanging power lines often inconveniently going down during wild weather. If you’re running all your heating on electricity, guess what? You’re going to be in for a cold evening if the power goes out. That’s why wood heaters for sale are such a good idea for your property. Wood fireplaces in Melbourne are valuable on those occasions when the power isn’t available. You can still sit in front of your wood burning fireplace, cosy and warm with the light of the fire to brighten your long winter’s night. 

Cheaper Bills During Winter

When you opt a wood fireplace, you’re also choosing to pay less in utility bills during the winter months. Central heating – whether gas or electric – is much less affordable than a modern wood fireplace. If you have a good provider like Gexa then you can benefit from their affordable and renewable energy plans during all seasons. If you have both, you can offset the cost of the central heating by using it less, and relying more on your wood burning fireplace. What’s more, as wood heaters don’t need electricity or gas, they’re perfect for off the grid or rural set ups. Rural areas are also usually abundant with twigs and logs from surrounding bushland, which means plenty of free fuel available for you to burn.

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