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The Best Floor Tile Options for Different Rooms

Choosing the right tile for your house is integral for its overall look, and this decision can be tough at times. Even after endless searches, we do not get the desired ones. However, having the tiles that can perfectly match your interiors as well as your needs can be a great addition to your home. No doubt, designs and aesthetics play an important role but matching the tiles with your space requirement is equally necessary. 

Hence, in this article, we will be discussing the best floor tile options for your rooms.


The kitchen is a very busy place in every house, and along with other things in it, you must have the floors perfected as per the needs. There are endless tile options when it comes to kitchen, you simply need to carefully consider everything before buying any. Focus on the designs and aesthetics, look out for ways to enhance your spaces, pick stain and scratch-resistant tiles, go with the ones that can be cleaned efficiently with mopping or sweeping. Also, your chosen tiles must be able to take the weight of items tumbling over the floor or heavy traffic.


A bedroom is a place where we seek comfort, and hence, the tiles you pick must be able to make it appear cozy. Warm and inviting tiles are the most popular for bedrooms. You can pick nude or earthy undertones of tiles to make them look soft and calming. To make the décor appear peaceful and gentle, you can go with natural stone tiles or one with wooden finishes.

Living room

Since this place always bustles with people and activities, you can pick tiles that will look lovely and charming. The living room is the central point of any home and so you must bring in options that can beautifully capture the attention of people visiting it. You can choose tiles in a balanced combination, which are both aesthetic and requires low maintenance. Tiles with good durability are also welcome.


Bathrooms are wet and damp and can breed a lot of germs. Hence, tiles with anti-slip features are a must for this space. Bright tiles can make the bathroom look full of light and can make it look bigger too. You can also go with patterned designs to match your style.

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