The things to do in Trivandrum

In spite of being the capital of Kerala the city of Trivandrum has managed to keep away from the extravagance of a capital city. Incorporated from seven hills, the evergreen city in South India happens to be an ideal retreat. It is quaint and at the same times an urban wonder. There are top notch hotels near Trivandrum airport contributing to the splendour of the premises. In this capital city people are confused on what to do and what not within the limited time span. You can save yourself from the confusion by following the below mentioned tips.

Are you wondering what are  the magical things to do in Trivandrum? Obviously you will be super excited since it is the capital of God’s own country.

Enjoying filter coffee at Indian coffee house

You can start off your day with   a filter cup coffee at any of the 14 branches of the outlet. The place is peaceful with calm red bricked interiors. The branches  of the coffee chain has witnessed some of the vibrant social revolutions and interactions taken place. The waiters are dressed in white ethical uniforms; hospitality is unmatched with a reasonably priced menu. There is nothing better in Trivandrum apart from a filter coffee to start off the day.

They are open from 8 in the morning to 9 at night. Some of the notable attractions of the coffee chain are Kesar Halwa apart from the popular filter coffee.

Famous temples

The temples of Kerala have a  significance in the history and culture of the region. When you observe and interact closely with the people out here you may witness the real culture of the temples. The architecture is a splendid feature. Some of the prominent temples that you cannot afford to miss during your visit to Kerala are

  • Padmanabhaswamy temple- the temple is a fusion of Dravidian and Keralite cultures. The breath-taking backdrop and intricate stonework are some value added features. No wonders to the fact that this place attracts a large number of tourists. The entry charge of the temple is in the bracket of Rs 150 to Rs 180.
  • Karikkakom Chamunda Devi temple- this temple is situated at a distance of 7 km away from the Padmanabhaswamy temple. The temple is dedicated to goddess Chamunda Devi once again that is an epitome of the culture and heritage of Kerala. The temple is open on all days and there are no charges to enter this temple

Neyyar Wildlife sanctuary

There is no better feeling than enjoying the calm and ambient view of nature. The place is a home to some of the endangered species of the world and for wildlife lovers a visit to the place is a must. It is situated around 35 km away from Trivandrum as you can reach the place by a taxi or a KSRTC bus. In this sanctuary you may come across Lion Safaris that is something not to be missed. As there are top notch hotels near Trivandrum airport it is an ideal opportunity for a couple of days trek. The best time to visit this place is between the months of October to March and for kids between 5 to 12 years of age the entry fee is Rs 125. Once you are above 12, the entry fee is Rs 250.

Go fishing or boating in Neyyar dam

It is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas that is 30 km from the town. The place is beyond description and is one of the popular tourist destinations in Trivandrum. The facilities along with food  provided by the local people is welcoming as you wish to spend some time more in this region. Though boating is a star attraction at the place, but people love to engage in an occasional bout of fishing. The entry charges to the premises is Rs 100.

Enjoy Skydiving at AMAS

Still thinking of what to do in Trivandrum? If you are an adventure freak the place offers scope for plenty of adventure activities. For thrill seekers it is one of the best place to seek adventure. There are various training programs in place with state of the art equipment  for all adventure sport freaks. If you have not been part of any AMAS programs  it is one of the best things to indulge in Trivandrum. Another information along with registration charges are mentioned on the website.

Indulge in local shopping fun at Chalai Market

Apart from the picture perfect Kerala, there is a hustle along with bustle of the Chalai Market. The place is famous for the unlimited range of products as it would ensure the availability of each and every item. In a way you will end up purchasing more than what you need. An organized market with numerous items this is one of the best shopping experiences in Trivandrum. There are no entry charges for visiting this market.

Vizhinjam Lighthouse

A perfect opportunity to enjoy the cityscape and is a unique feature of Kovalam beach. This is a 45 year working lighthouse and still continues to be one of the popular tourist attractions of Trivandrum. One of the things that you need to do is Trivandrum is a visit to the marvel. The moment you climb 150 stairs and reach on top the aerial view of the beach would leave you mesmerizing.

The tower is well lit from the interiors where there is ample space to walk comfortably. This lighthouse is one of the best tourist attractions and the entry fee is Rs 10.

To conclude these are some of the outstanding things that you can do in Trivandrum. So why there is a need to wait, you can pack your bags and head over. Just you need to explore this South India capital and memories are to be developed for the rest of your life. To have a hassle free vacation it is suggested that you plan your tour well in advance. A lot of packages are available for clients.

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