Things to Ask to Your E-Mail Verification Service Provider


The world of business is going in such a pace that it is almost impossible to keep up with it without any proper help. No business can tackle everything all by themselves and get fruitful results. there are more than enough things to take care of and these are not easy. Focusing on other things will ultimately take away your focus from the main thing- the development of the business. This is what has given rise to multiple service providers, each looking after a certain kind of job or set of jobs for other businesses. Rapid development and increasing demand have resulted into numerous service providers who are claiming to have the best set of experts and also offers. But a wise knows not to trust these words. Businesses require certain set of features from the service providers to ensure that the job is properly done. Every business has a set of question or requirement to ask from the service provider. When it comes to an e-mail verification service provider, there is also a set of things that one must confirm before buying the service. 

E-mail is not just a tool of communication but also an efficient tool that boosts business. The power of e-mail to connect people has given businesses the power to reach people in a better and easier way. It became a powerful tool of marketing strategies and businesses are making great use of it. From reaching loyal customers to personalized addresses, e-mail has everything to offer. But such powerful tool even fails at some points when business fail to choose the e-mail addresses in a proper way. In many cases, they end up sending e-mails to invalid e-mail ids or to risky addresses that creates an issue with deliverability and online reputation. People often register their work e-mail that gets invalid once that certain person gets promoted or leaves for another job. There are also spam trappers which one must avoid. But it is literally impossible to find them with naked eyes. It is only technology that can help to find the addresses that a business must avoid. But before availing the service, one should ask for the following features to ensure a better service. 

Spam trapper detection is a must

Spam trappers are also called honey pots. These addresses are valid and exist with the sole purpose of trapping spammers. Spam traps are common in bought lists of e-mail addresses. But these can also appear in your collected list organically. Mailing to these addresses affect the deliverability of your mails. There are also chances of getting your domain blocked by the ISPs which will create a mess with your reputation. The email validation api detect these mails to help you remove them from the list. The service providers update their list of trappers on a weekly basis to provide utmost protection. 

Catch-all servers

These servers also linked to legitimate addresses. But these are also not suitable for your list. These can increase the chances of getting blocked or marked as spam. Make sure that your provider can detect these out as well. 

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