Tomato Sauce and Pizza Sauce: Are they the Same?

Whether you order pizza for a group dinner or a delicious midnight snack, it is one of the most favorite food ideas that people can think of right away. After all, nobody would say no to the crispy crust, delicious toppings, savory sauce, and gooey mozzarella cheese. When it comes to pizza sauces, you have probably heard of pizza sauce and tomato sauce. Both sauces have the same color and make your pizza tasty, so you might think they are the same thing. But, pizza and tomato sauce have differences and tastes you must look into.  Most pizza places use tomato sauce in their pizza while others like Double Pizza Montréal use a special pizza sauce. To achieve your desired taste, you must know which option to choose from. Keep reading to know what makes tomato sauce and pizza sauce different from each other:

Tomato Sauce

This kind of sauce is made from tomatoes, which are ideal for sauces because of their liquid content. Also, tomatoes don’t require thickening agents to be made into thick sauces. Their flesh is quite soft and cooks easily. 

Instead of a condiment, tomato sauce is made to be mixed with a dish that it becomes part of it. Although tomato sauce is commonly used for vegetables and meat, it is also used as a sauce for pizza and pasta dishes. 

Tomato sauce is prepared by removing the seeds and skins and chopping the tomatoes. The tomatoes are then cooked in olive oil and seasoned with salt. Often, water, wine, or stock is added to the sauce, so it doesn’t become too dry. Some people add more flavour to their sauce by adding spices such as garlic and onion sauteed in olive oil.

Pizza Sauce

This sauce is often made from a tomato base with different spices added. Sometimes, pizza sauce can be plain tomato sauce; however, it is often made with seasonings and spices like oregano, basil, onion, garlic, and pepper. Pizza sauce is also added to snacks and fried food items. Because of its thick consistency and savory taste, people love to use them to improve their food’s flavour. 

These days, pizza sauces are readily available packed in cans in a lot of stores. To prepare this sauce, most people heat the pan and add olive oil into, then gradually add the sauce and stir it to avoid crusting. To improve the flavour of the sauce, oregano can be added to it.

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