Totalled Car? 6 Things To Do With A Wrecked Car

If your car is in an accident, it can be quite a devastating experience. The trauma and the loss are very unsettling. Equally devastating is the aftermath of the accident. Speaking to the insurance company to figure out what can be the possible next steps or planning to salvage the car, can be overwhelming. However, there is some relief as there are many options that you have if your car it totalled. Knowing these options can really help you as a car owner and you will not find yourself stuck in an overwhelming and tough decision making process.

6 Options for you if your car is totalled

  1. Accept the money: After the car meets with an accident, the insurer will inform you the value of the vehicle. The company will evaluate the cost of repair vis-à-vis the value of the car and then decide whether the car can be declared as totalled. In simple word, this is just a check whether it is worth fixing the car. Every company has its own models for calculating the value of the car and evaluating whether it is totalled. A car doesn’t necessarily need to be smashed or burned to be declared totalled, an older car often costs a lot more to repair than the value of the car itself.

  2. Repair the car: If the car is in a condition in which you can still drive it safely and you have an emotional attachment to the car, it can be a smart decision to keep it. You can continue driving it and make some necessary repairs. This is a wise decision, if you have an old car, and a claim will not get you enough money for an upgrade.

  3. Sell it at cash for unwanted cars Sydney: You can get cash for your old car if you sell it to a local auto salvage yard. Find a licensed scrap car buyer, they will pick your car and hand over the cash to you. Spend some time in finding the current rate of metal scrap or junk car, so that you do not get duped.

  4. Keep the car without repairing it: Sometimes there can be an aesthetic damage to the car, like a dented roof or hood. Such a car will be considered totalled but you can continue driving it as these are just cosmetic damages. You do not need to repair the car and can continue driving it.

  5. Donate the car to charity: A car that may seem useless to you can be of great value to someone else. You can check with a local donation service and they can pick the car, sell the car or its parts and donate the money to charity.

  6. Sell the car for scrap value: If your car is totalled and you do not want to spend money on it, you can use a free car removal Sydney service and sell the car or its parts for scrap value. 

Bidding good bye to your loved vehicle is not easy but sometimes it is a financially prudent decision. Each of the above option has its own pros and cons, so do your due diligence and research before you decide what you want to do with your car.

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