UK Meds and The Right Choices

Many people still rely on traditional treatments despite modern medicine techniques, which are still in their early stages in the contemporary world. Many products may significantly improve the state of the hair, but you should not put off seeing a professional until the problem has worsened; otherwise, the health of the hair will deteriorate much more.

Jet lag

“Tell yourself about the jet lag that occurs when our internal clock, which marks the periods of sleep and wakefulness, does not keep up with the new schedule that is established when traveling by plane over long distances.”

Practically all of us have suffered it in our flesh. Of course, some take it quite well, those who are only affected for a few hours and those who take more than half the trip to acclimatize to the country’s schedules where they land.

If you are among the latter, do not despair. Although some tricks may not be infallible, they help overcome the dreaded jet lag with dignity. At least they are worth trying. You can get the best deal there as you get the UK Meds link for more info with the proper med.

Before the flight

Adjust the biological clock gradually. During the 8 days prior to your flight departure, it is good to wake up and go to sleep an hour earlier if you are traveling east. On the other hand, if your destination is to the west, it is best to wake up and go to bed an hour later. Simple, right?

Practice an anti-jet lag diet

According to several studies, alternating large feasts with fasting days during the days before the flight can also help the body better adapt to the change in jet lag and reduce jet lag by up to 16%. The most advisable: a lot of protein and carbohydrates during the previous four days and a minimum calorie intake during the previous two days. On the day of the flight, if it is during the day, you can still have one last feast during breakfast and thus face the transcontinental flight with more energy.

During the flight

Sleep, drink water, and eat almonds. Eye mask, earplugs, and your favorite cushion (if it fits in the bag) will be your best allies to fall asleep during the flight. And during waking hours, nothing better than drinking water to be well hydrated and eating almonds, as this dried fruit contains melatonin, a powerful ally to regulate the hours of sleep.

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