Unpacking Your Office After the Move

No matter what the reason for your office move was, there’s no denying it – moving your whole office and business can be a bit too much. There are so many things to keep straight, from all your paperwork to your office supplies and equipment and the technical documentation regarding the utilities, the lease and everything in between aren’t making your life easier.

Therefore, once you get to your new office, instead of joy, you may feel exhausted and less motivated than you expected to be. You’d just wish the office is already set up, and you didn’t have to do anything. Even though it is not likely to happen, with the tips from Move Central from San Diego, you will be able to unpack and set up your office quickly.

Easy Unpacking Starts When You Pack

There’s no way around it – if you want to unpack quickly and easily, you will also have to pack effectively. That usually means that you will start packing well ahead of time and do so in an organized way.

First of all, when you’ve decided that you will move, it is a good idea to take stock of your office and make an inventory of things you are planning to bring with you. Once you know what you’re bringing, it will be that easier to organize the packing process and not leave anything behind.

Start by packing things you have no need for in the daily operations of your business. For most people, that includes the paperwork, but it may be different for each business.

Make Sure to Digitally Back-up Your Computers

Seeing how many businesses rely on computers nowadays, it is a good idea to have all the important data backed up to a remote server or secured physical drives in case something happens to the computers during the move.

The loss of indispensable data is sometimes impossible to recover from, which is why investing in this security feature should be a no-brainer.

Specialized Equipment Treatment

If your business entails using specialized machinery that needs to be disassembled and relocated to the new office, you should make sure that only qualified personnel handle the disassembly and packing of said equipment, as well as the re-assembly at the new office.

This way, you will ensure that nothing gets accidentally damaged during transport and that you can get your business back up and running in record time.

Label Everything

The best way to ensure that you know exactly where everything is is by labeling everything meticulously and making sure that the right things find their way to the right boxes. That does require a bit more attention and time dedicated to packing, but the unpacking process will go that more smoothly if you do so.

When you’re packing, make sure to know where each item will be needed and pack those items together. When you arrive at the new office, you will only need to take the corresponding boxes to their right place and start unpacking.

Prepare the New Office

Another thing you can do to make your life easier is to prepare your new office before you bring in things. That means, first and foremost, to have the space cleaned and cleared of any obstructions or clutter – there will be plenty of that when you’re discarding the packaging and the boxes.

Additionally, making sure that your electricity, internet, HVAC, and other utilities are up and running will facilitate the whole process. Not only will it be more pleasant to unpack in such an environment, but you will also be able to test everything and make sure it works properly.

Happy moving.

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