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Using Ceiling Fans- What Are The Benefits And Limitations?

Presently, despite ACs being the fastest cooling machines, people prefer good, old ceiling fans over them. The primary reasons is that a ceiling fan looks stylish, is super-versatile, and does not burn a hole in the pocket with its electricity charges. Moreover, with access to the most silent ceiling fans, the position of ceiling fans in the market has become unbeatable. While ACs still remain as one of the luxury items to purchase, ceiling fans are a necessity. In this article we will learn about some of the most common pros and cons of using ceiling fans. 

Common pros of using ceiling fans

Let’s start with the good points, and so here is a list of benefits of using ceiling fans. 

The looks are unbeatable

Nothing  can beat the superb looks of ceiling fans because they are one of the classiest additions to any home. Besides, a versatile and plain ceiling fan can bring back so many memories of our childhood. However, there are several new styles and models of ceiling fans available now with the evolution of technology and the changing taste of people globally. One thing that you must know is that the traditional designs are far more versatile than most of the new ones. In fact, the power consumption is also lesser for the old style fans. Last but not least, fans are one of those accessories that beautify any room minus any clutter. 

Cools large areas at the same time

Since air circulation is the ultimate goal, ceiling fans are unbeatable because no other machine can show more versatility. The typical function of a fan is capable of pulling out the heat from every source and ensuring that the cool air mixes with the same. On the one hand, there is nothing that resists this activity, and on the other it is beneficial because you get fresh air all the time. Of course, the filtration is going on continuously. With a big, open window in the room, it is even better because the air that circulates is fresher. 

More efficient cooling

Since there is constant air circulation, you don’t feel suffocated even if all the doors and windows of a particular room are closed. We all know that thick and hot air makes us feel stuffy and suffocates us which is very uncomfortable. For example, working in the kitchen during summer is so frustrating and preparing one dish feels like staying in the heat for an eternity. However, when there is overhead ventilation, the suffocati0on and heat is lesser because the air has enough space to let the heat go out and cool particles to come in. 

Common cons of using ceiling fans

Of course, the benefits of using ceiling fans overshadows the limitations at any time. However, it is always better to be aware of things than to regret later. 

  • Installation can be a hassle at times if you are choosing a technically advanced model
  • Can be noisy if you don’t choose the right one
  • Getting the best style matching your room décor and color is tricky

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