Wedding Planning: The Definitive Checklist and Timeline

So, you have not got engaged and are all set to get married. Once you decide the date, you have loads of things to be done in the coming days. This is where you need to chalk out different things about wedding planning. The following are few key checklists and timelines related to wedding planning, have a look at the same:

Set up your budget – This is the time when we have to carry out the math and crunch in several not-so-fun numbers. Before you plan to do to something, you have to check the bottom line wedding. From there, you are keen on breaking down the budget, you need to check what your priority is? Once you define the budget then you will start arranging the funds accordingly. You can then come up with a spreadsheet allocating funds for heads against each other.

Make a Guestlist – One of the important aspects of wedding planning is making the right guest list. Since the restrictions of Covid still exists, there are chances to see the limited number of the crowd being invited for the marriages. In fact, when you decide upon the headcount, you need to check the budget first and then allocate it accordingly to the guest list. The formula that comes up by giving 70 percent to the invites and then the rest of the 30 is allocated for other things. In this way the planners in Mumbai work.

Hire a Wedding Planner – The best thing you can do is to hire a competent wedding planner. There are so many planners in Mumbai who all can help you in doing things the best. If your budget for a wedding allows you to hire a competent planner, then you easily hire anyone. The planner is an experienced professional who is competent enough to deal with all the aspects of wedding planning. They will help you in taking up the best decisions from choosing the right location and then track all your budget and then manages different logistics for the same.

Decide Formality and the Overall Theme – Now, you have the time to settle down and find yet another reason to have a clear-cut conversation with your people and the man dealing with wedding planning. The decisions you take has to be mutual along with the guests of honor. In order to keep the ball rolling for the conversation, you need to take up the same with a cup of tea. You need to check the venue and start deciding the theme for the same.

Choose the Venue- Now, you know you are getting married and to whom. Now, you have the best thing to do or rather the most vital decision to make that comes in the form of choosing the right decision. Make a list of potential venues and then go ahead visiting them one by one so that you get a clear idea about the same.

Wrapping up

In this way, you can see hiring wedding planners in Mumbai can help you a lot in giving you the best of wedding planning you. So, what are you waiting for!

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