What is the process after the MAHA TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) for a teaching job?

After enrolling as a Primary or Secondary Teacher, applicants can check the hiring process, MAHA TET Salary and Job Profile. Candidates who pass the Teacher Eligibility Test are obliged to complete a set of obligations once they begin working as a teacher in a school.

Candidates who are successful in gaining a job in a government school after passing the MAHA TET Exam Pattern will be paid a basic wage as well as a variety of allowances, resulting in a bankable income. In the section below, applicants may learn more about the MAHA TET Salary and Job Profile:

Candidates who join after passing the MAHA TET exam will be paid on a grade basis under the 7th Pay Commission. The state has set the salary range for the applicants at Rs 9400-34800. The wage scale, however, will be determined by their cadre, i.e. Primary or Secondary.

  • Along with the base wage, applicants will receive a variety of allowances, such as DA, HRA, and Special Allowance.
  • In addition to the stated income, applicants will have the opportunity to advance to higher levels via departmental tests.
  • MAHA TET is one of the greatest options for those interested in pursuing a career as a teacher. Along with the recognition, successful completion of the MAHA TET Exam 2021 is expected to result in a significant take-home income. So, if you’re getting ready for it, have a look at our helpful information about compensation structure, job description, training length, and career advancement.

Period of MAHA TET Training 

Candidates who got place in the MAHA TET Result list will be contacted by the appropriate department to attend a training session. Candidates will be required to finish the training program before being accepted into the services. Candidates will be presented with their job profiles and the best techniques to carry out their responsibilities throughout the training program.

MAHA TET’s Professional Development    

Candidates who use the MAHA TET Books to study for and pass the Maharashtra Teacher Eligibility Test will be invited to work as Primary or Secondary Teachers in any Maharashtra school. Upon joining, applicants will have several opportunities to advance to a higher level, which will result in a pay raise as well as a promotion in the cadre. In the area below, applicants may examine the hierarchy:

  • Senior Teacher
  • HeadMaster
  • Principal of School

Testbook makes every effort to present candidates with accurate information about the MAHA TET Salary and Job Profile 2021. We hope that we were able to allay the applicants’ concerns about the tasks and in-hand remuneration that they would get upon joining. Visit the Testbook website for additional information on the future and current recruiting process. You may also receive all the latest exam updates at your fingertips by downloading the Testbook App from the Google Play Store.

Teacher Job Profile for MAHA TET in 2021     

After passing the MAHA TET Exam, a candidate who wants to work as a teacher has a wide range of options. Following the MAHA TET Preparation Strategy, the applicants confront stiff competition and are successful. Candidates must, however, be well aware of their responsibilities after they have been hired. As a result, to help the applicants, we have included the following responsibilities in the area below:

  • The National Curriculum Framework entrusts the candidate with the task of creating and implementing the course.
  • Candidates for teacher certification must also develop lessons from the official syllabus’s chapter in the most efficient manner. In addition, applicants must be informed of the whole curriculum of the various topics.
  • Assigning and grading project tasks and assignments to applicants, as well as offering comments on the same, by Maharashtra Education Board norms.
  • Working on the candidates’ general growth and paying specific attention to those who are struggling in their academics to help them better.

Teacher Salaries in MAHA TET 2021     

Candidates who pass the MAHA TET Cut Off will be able to work as teachers in any primary or secondary school in the state. Furthermore, since this is government employment, applicants will be eligible for the salaries shown below for both the Primary and Secondary teachers.

Primary Teacher (Class 1 to 5)

The following is a breakdown of the salaries for applicants interested in working as Primary Teachers:

  • Basic Pay – INR 9400-34800
  • Grade Pay – INR 4200
  • Dearness Allowance – 12% of the Basic Pay
  • House Rent Allowance – Rs 3240
  • Transport Allowance
  • Provident Fund
  • Contributory Pension Fund
  • Festival Bonus
  • Medical Facility

Secondary School Teacher (Class 6 to 8)           

The following is the pay for candidates who join as Secondary Teachers in any school in Maharashtra:

  • Basic Pay – INR 9400-34800
  • Grade Pay – INR 4600
  • Dearness Allowance – 12% of the Basic Pay
  • House Rent Allowance – Rs 4110
  • Transport Allowance
  • Provident Fund
  • Contributory Pension Fund
  • Festival Bonus
  • Medical Facility

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