What to Expect from Morphine Rehab

A morphine addiction can cause short-term and long-term problems, which makes it important to seek help. Overcoming a morphine addiction on your own can be challenging and potentially dangerous due to the effects of withdrawal. Being in a morphine rehab program provides support and safe ways to work on recovering from this type of addiction. It’s important to know what to expect from these programs, so that you’ll feel more comfortable about getting treatment for this condition. Learn more about what you can expect from these rehab programs.

Withdrawal and Detox

Going through withdrawal from a morphine addiction means you can expect to have certain symptoms that affect your mental well-being and your physical health. Some of these include anxiety, depression, muscle spasms, nausea, body aches, chills and diarrhea. You might also have trouble sleeping or become irritable. Tremors and abdominal cramping can occur as well. The withdrawal process happens as your body gets used to going without morphine. Keep in mind that stopping the use of this drug suddenly can lead to potentially life-threatening health problems. This is why you should get into a detox program before attempting to quit using morphine.

Detox programs usually give you medication to help you out during morphine withdrawal. The use of this medication is typically supervised for safety reasons. With this medication, you should still expect to have withdrawal symptoms to some degree. However, they shouldn’t be as severe as they would be without medication.

Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab

Inpatient and outpatient rehab programs for morphine addiction provide treatment services to help you become sober. Inpatient programs happen in residential facilities where you stay throughout the course of treatment. Outpatient programs don’t include a stay in a rehab center, so you’re able to handle personal responsibilities, such as caring for your kids or going to your job if needed.

During inpatient or outpatient rehab for a morphine addiction, you can expect to have therapy and other treatment services. Therapy might be done in groups or just between you and a therapist. During these services, you’ll be learning how to overcome a morphine addiction and develop better lifestyle habits for healthy living.

Morphine rehab programs differ considerably in terms of the services they offer and the level of care you get. You should be prepared to spend time finding a rehab program that works best for you depending on your situation, such as how severe your morphine addiction is. Getting into the right program can help ensure that you are able to recover safely from this kind of addiction.

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