What To Look For in A Massage Cream

A great massage cream not only enhances the massage experience for the client, but also for the massage therapist. If you ask any professional massage therapists or physical therapists about the products they use, they will tell you the right massage cream can help ease and enhance the work. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a massage cream that will do just that.

Does it Enhance the Massage?

A great massage cream should enhance the professional’s skills. It should offer control to allow the therapist to work effectively on both the skin’s surface and the muscle’s deep tissue. The cream should both glide and grip in order to be effective.


The feeling of a massage cream can also enhance the massage and is extremely important to the client. It should be soft and moisturizing, without feeling slick or slimy. It should also be thick enough to stay on the skin and not drip.


This patient, whose therapist used Free-Up massage cream, noticed all the difference, “[It] works well and lasts forever! Free-Up massage cream has worked wonders for me! … I noticed [my therapist] was able to deliver an excellent massage with very little force or effort on his part. It also felt amazing and didn’t leave a slimy or sticky feeling afterward.”

Is It Hypoallergenic?

When serving a variety of patients, having a massage cream that is safe for everyone is critical. A huge number of Americans suffer from allergies, so you want a product that won’t bother different skin types or cause allergic reactions in patients. You should pay special attention to a product’s ingredients and look for a pure formula, free from additives like fragrance, dies, and salicylates. Other ingredients to avoid for an allergy-free cream include beeswax or seed or nut oils.


Choosing a pure and gentle formula not only ensures the cream is safe for allergy-prone clients, but also that it is effective on sensitive skin that may have been damaged by burns or chemotherapy.

Is It Good For Everyone?

If the massage cream has texture and properties that enhance the massage for both the client and the therapist, and it is safe to use on everybody and every skin type, it is a great choice.


This is why professionals choose Free-Up massage cream. But it isn’t just professionals raving about the product. Patients and clients who have experienced Free-Up at the hands of their physical therapists have gone home to purchase it for themselves. A few of their glowing reviews say,


“My physical therapist changed to this massage cream and I couldn’t be happier. Having used other brands in the past, I can tell you that I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I had radiation and my skin was a mess for a long time, and using those other brands was torture. The massage was a lot more tolerable once she started using Free-Up.”


“This is serious stuff, professional all the way. When your muscles are knotted up like a gnarly, century-old oak, you need this to dig until you are, literally, free! … I bought it for use at home and it has been our go-to for every muscle pain or cramp ever since.”


These reviews prove the power of a great massage cream. Free-Up Massage cream offers all of these benefits and more. It enhances the work of well-trained therapists and the healing of their clients, leading to a better overall experience for everyone involved.

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