With time, a human’s age and various health issues increase. It is a prevalent issue observed in people aged fifty-five with knee-related injuries or problems. Considering the lifestyles that people have adapted to these days, knee-related ligament tears are common.

The most commonly known issue is the anterior cruciate ligament tear (ACL Injury), which is caused due to a tear in the ligament.

What is an arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament (ผ่าตัดเอ็นไขว้หน้าแบบส่องกล้อง, which is the term in Thai) and what are its symptoms?

The ACLR is basically a type of surgery that is conducted to reconstruct the ligament that is torn. The ACL injury of the knee is improved with the help of this surgery as it is one of the four crucial ligaments in the human body. It is essential to have stability in the knee joint after a certain age as it leads to better functionality. This helps in the overall control of the movement of the knee joints.

The Various Issues That Lead To The Instability Of ACL Are

  • Issues walking properly
  • It makes it challenging to participate in activities related to hyper-running, jumping, or moving around. Sports activities like cricket, tennis, football, hockey, etc.
  • If the knee joint is not stabilized, the person will face many issues where there is a need to walk or stand for a longer duration.

How is the arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament ACLR performed on the patients?

 This surgery is performed by inserting a need and incision in the knee. This needle has a camera in it, which helps in understanding the current condition of the knee joint. This procedure is known as arthroscopy, which helps understand a body part’s internal state.

Benefits Related To ACLR Surgery For The Patient

Though there are many benefits attached to this surgery, the major ones are

  • Improving the stability of the knee joint
  • Reducing the pain that is caused by the tearing of the ligament
  • Improves the overall functioning of the knee joint

It is always advisable to get it checked by a specialist or a doctor if it is severe or mild pain in the knee joints. They will help understand the actual situation and suggest the best solution to the issue. The answer can be anything from medicines, exercises or minor surgery to heal the pain that is caused in the knee joint.

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