Winters Hampering Your Dressing Style? All You Need is a Splash of Fur

Winter can be a really fun season. With all the festivals peeking around the corners and the holidays arriving in full flurry, it’s one of the best seasons that you can celebrate with family and friends. But, at the same time, it’s hard to bring out the fashion diva in you with the limited choice of clothes. It’s harder to pick clothes that aren’t baggy. 

Now, if that’s what’s been bothering you too and you find it very hard to look your best during the snowy season, then, what you need is to add a hint of fur jackets to your attire. And viola, you’ll look not just classy but will most certainly stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

For the love of fur, you should also know that not all the types are real. You can certainly buy faux fur. But, go all out with the following types of real furs if you can. 

  1. Mink fur – It’s super soft and one of the lightest options in the market. Besides, this is the one type that comes in a gamut of prices. You’ll certainly be able to afford this one. So, if you’re about to buy your first fur jacket, then mink is the ideal choice for you.
  2. Sable – Known for its silky and smooth texture, Sable is one of the classiest fur you’ll ever find. Certainly, it comes at a hefty price tag though.
  3. Chinchilla – This is the softest and warmest of all other fur types. It’ll last a lifetime and can be characterized by its distinctive gray-blue color. 

Having said that, a couple of best Wolfie Fur jackets that you’ll fall in love with are listed below. Have a look and pick the one that fits your budget and complements your style and body the most. 

1. Rex Rabbit Fur Jacket 

This super chick pink fur jacket will steal your heart. It has the following distinctive features that make it the perfect choice for all occasions.

  • It has a classy short length that comes just below the waist.
  • It has leather trims and pretty bat sleeves.
  • It has a comfortable front zipper closure.

2.Quinn Long Hair Mink Jacket

A stylish jaw droopingly gorgeous cross pink jacket, this one has a stunning straight fit. Some of the features that make this fur jacket so comfortable are listed below.

  • It has side pockets. 
  • It’s closable with clasps.

On a parting note, remember to get fur jackets dry cleaned from specialists only. These delicate babies shouldn’t be washed in a machine or even by hands. As long as you care for them, they will last for a long time.

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