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5 Reasons Why Natural Gas Heaters Are a Superior Choice

Wondering if you should get a gas fireplace in Melbourne? Here are five reasons why natural gas heaters are a superior option for heating your home. Read on to find out more.

Reliable Supply

Electricity can wax and wane when bad weather strikes. Is there anything worse than the power going out when you’re in the middle of winter? Especially in the cold and dark at night. That’s where LPG gas heaters can provide an alternative, helping you to stay warm no matter what the weather is doing. You know you can rely on natural gas heaters because they get their gas from underground pipes which remain unharmed by the weather patterns above. No matter what, your gas fireplace in Melbourne will keep you warm throughout the unpleasant weather.

Instant Heat

LPG gas heaters create heat immediately, which is in contrast to other kinds of heaters. You can simply turn on natural gas heaters using the ignitor, which causes heat to be felt inside the room right away. While many other forms of heating can only warm up your room slowly, gas heaters work more quickly than that. It’s just like having an open wood fire in terms of ambience, only without all the hassle. Your gas fireplace in Melbourne won’t require more logs or rearrangement of wood, and it won’t spit embers at you. You don’t need to carefully balance the amount of wood you’re applying to the fire like you do with wood open fires, and the heat comes out steadily and instantaneously.

Better for You and the Environment

When you opt for gas heaters, you’re choosing a form of burning that’s cleaner, as it doesn’t make smoke, ash or odour. So unlike traditional fireplaces, where you must clean up the ash after every burn, you don’t need to do any of those time-consuming tasks when you install a gas fireplace in Melbourne. With much less maintenance required, natural gas heaters can also last quite a long time. The fact that they don’t create smoke is a real benefit, as your clothes won’t smell every time you use your heater.


Natural gas heaters aren’t only convenient, they’re also affordable, and often much more cost-effective than electrical heating sources. While there may be a higher initial cost for installation of a gas fireplace in Melbourne, once that is done, you can avail yourself of effective and economical heating throughout all of winter. Usually heating and cooling your home will create the biggest bills over the course of a year – much more than cooking, water heating, lighting and appliances – so cut that bill down as much as you can by opting for gas heating.

Fewer Emissions

Did you know that natural gas is a cleaner type of fuel, creating 70% less carbon emissions than other fossil fuels like coal or oil? Gas heaters burn gas to an optimal degree, creating only very few pollutants, including a small amount of sulphur, nitrogen dioxide and zero sold waste products. So when you’re enjoying your gas heater, you’re not only looking out for yourself, you’re also doing a good environmental deed. Your gas fireplace in Melbourne will disperse much less contaminants in the air compared to a wood fireplace.

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