Crucial Traits That Make An Online PDF Converter Super Useful

Portable Document Format or PDF is the most popular format of storing data in the whole wide world. However, we always need a change in our life, even if it is from PDF to Word which can be done easily on the Internet.

In order to edit PDF online, all we need to do is press a few buttons. The real deal is the online PDF converter that we use. There are plenty of options available these days. We must look for the following traits while choosing a reliable PDF converter.

It should be able to extract all the elements

The moment you get your hands on your PDF converter, you feel like the world is in your hands. While you are not wrong in feeling that way, most converters can disappoint you as they lack the ability to extract all the required elements from the file that you are putting in for conversion. To avoid this, go for a PDF converter that can extract all the elements like text, space, pictures, and characters and put them into the new file.

It should offer different formats for conversion

PDF converters are known for their ability to offer conversion of data in more than two formats. You can expect your PDF converter to offer you conversion in the following formats – Word, JPG, PNG, TXT, PPT, HTML, EPUB. If that seems like a lot, wait till we tell you that PDF converters are supposed to offer functions of editing as well.

It should be fast

Speed is everything nowadays. You can’t expect your PDF converter to take hours to do a job that can be done easily in a matter of a few seconds. So raise your expectations and go for a converter that is fast enough to do the required job in the right manner, as fast as possible.

It should be secure

Data security is the top priority of everyone these days. You should be on that bandwagon, too, and be careful with every inch of information you upload on your PDF converter. While there is nothing that you can directly do to safeguard your precious data, you can always look for claims made by your PDF converter.

Usually, they guarantee that your data will not be used or sent to be used anywhere, in any shape or form. Also, the converter should automatically delete your data from its server within twenty-four hours.

It should be user-friendly

If your PDF to Word converteris not comfortable to work with, it is probably not right for you. So, you must look for a friendly and clean user interface. The moment you look at the converter, you should be able to figure out the function of each option that has been laid out on your screen. Overall, convenience is what you should be looking for.

It should be affordable

A standard PDF converter doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Remember that while you are paying for your PDF converter.

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