5 Ways Businesses Can Use a Misting Cannon

A misting cannon, such as what you will find at Bosstek, is a cutting-edge tool that creates fine water droplets. It can be used both indoors and outdoors depending on a specific application. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best ways by which businesses can maximize the functionality of a misting cannon.

  1. Dust Control

Airborne dust is one of the biggest threats in many workplaces, especially construction and mining. Without the necessary interventions, it can result in a plethora of health problems, including lung cancer. While providing personal protective equipment is often the first line of defense, misting cannons will also help. It creates droplets of water that will saturate dust right at the source.

  1. Crowd Cooling

Especially in outdoor events, high temperatures can make people uncomfortable. From concerts to festivals, providing a good experience to the patrons is a priority. While you cannot control the weather, there are many things that you can do to make the effects of the heat more manageable. One of the most promising is the installation of misting cannons in the venue. The water droplets will give the attendees a quick respite from the excruciating heat.

  1. Odor Management

From construction sites to metal scrap yards, odor is disgusting! Not to mention, it affects the productivity of the workers. To solve this problem, misting cannons can extend a helping hand. By spraying tiny droplets of water, it can suppress the source of odor, resulting in a more pleasant environment. They are often loaded with chemicals that are mixed with water, and when sprayed, can be a great way to mask foul odors.

  1. Irrigation

Misting cannons are also highly relevant in the agriculture sector. Especially during the hot summer months, plants need constant watering. While there are many types of promising irrigation systems, a novel approach worth considering is the use of a misting cannon. It can spray water in agricultural crops in an instant. The cannon can be loaded in a truck and it can move around plantations for optimal coverage.

  1. Sanitation

COVID-19 has significant business implications. Organizations must have a proactive approach to minimize the repercussions, especially from a financial perspective. As a part of adapting to the new normal, regular sanitation is a must. With this, using misting cannons can help. Rather than using alcohol, it can be filled with disinfectants and it will effectively sanitize large areas. The coverage will depend on the size of the misting cannon that the business will use. While it can help, however, take note that doing so is not enough and it should be complemented with other measures. 

In sum, a misting cannon is a versatile tool that can be used in several industries. From construction to agriculture, it has tons of applications and can unlock a plethora of business benefits.

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