Best Ways to Cram for the Real Estate Exam

When you’re making final preparations for your real estate exam, it’s normal to feel some nerves. You might try to settle those nerves with some last-minute cramming. That’s not a terrible idea, and there are some methods that can make your cram session worth a lot more.

Take Practice Exams

Nothing is more valuable to your studying than a California real estate practice exam. It lets you test your current knowledge, and, most importantly, it shows you where you need to expend more effort. With practice tests, you can check your knowledge, brush up on a weak point and repeat until your confidence is through the roof.

Taking full advantage of practice tests is the very best way to sharpen your knowledge and make sure you’re truly ready for the big day. With that extra studying and confidence, your chances of success are much, much higher.

Learn How to Take a Test

Assuming you’ve been studying all along, sometimes learning about test taking, in general, is worth more than extra hours poring over things you already know. Test taking tips can transform your experience when you’re under stress, and they have been the difference between passing and failing for many people.

You know some of the basics. Try to get good sleep (this means working on your sleep schedule a full week in advance rather than just the night before). Hydrate and eat well. Make sure you study. When in doubt, trust your first guess.

A few more tips that are slightly less well known will garner even greater advantages. One is to take the test as soon as reasonably possible. If you take a real estate course, it’s best to take the test right away. It keeps you from having time to forget things. It also helps manage test anxiety by reducing the time you can spend building up dread.

Another tip is to read the answers first. It can help you put the question into context before you get lost in the words, and it aids with focus.

Lastly, make absolutely sure that you answer every question. This will seem obvious to some people, but not all certification tests are alike. For the California real estate exam, blank answers are wrong, so don’t leave anything unanswered.

Those tips will help you cram, but remember the most important lesson. Cramming is a poor substitute for diligent preparation. Your cram session should not be the first time you come across material and ideas. The cram session is to help you remember the handful of things that you might otherwise forget on the day of the test.

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